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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"Spotlight On: Drunken Logic"

After releasing their debut album, Something New to Burn, in 2013, indie rock quintet Drunken Logic has blazed trails with their sound and lyrics, which range from melancholy ruminations to finger-pointing at greedy, corporate bastards. The band was chosen to play at Alive@Five this past July and will be appearing at Berklee College of Music's CMJ Showcase on October 24. With a new album on the horizon, we spoke to vocalist and keyboardist Jake Cassman about how the band manages their time, what sets their Sonicbids profile apart, and advice he has for other Sonicbids artists when it comes to booking shows and managing groups.

You all met through Berklee. What were/are you studying?
The five of us were each taking some combination of songwriting, music business, and performance classes. I met [guitarist/keyboardist] Ryan [Jordan] in a lyric writing class, sang in an a cappella group with [drummer Alex] McGillivray, and played ultimate frisbee with [guitarist] Austin [Wells]; [bassist Alex] Trevino was introduced by a mutual friend. Only three of us are still at Berklee, but the Berklee community has been much tighter than I originally expected.
Who are your influences when it comes to your sound?
We take pride in being open to anything and everything, but we definitely have a few bands and artists that form the bedrock of our sound. I think the bands we all agree upon the most are Frightened Rabbit, Green Day, The Who, Stevie Wonder, and Queen, to name a few. But we're tinkerers and thieves; when we hear something that's different, regardless of genre, we try and take it and make it our own.
You start recording your second album this November. How does it differ from your first?
Our first album had a loose storyline, but I think this one is more conceptual. It’s about growing up and finding out that graduating from college didn’t get you nearly as far as you thought, and how times are still very tough for the "millennial" generation in this country. It was written in crappy apartments between crappy jobs, and it’s about coming to terms with the gap between your hopes and goals and your reality, on both a personal and socioeconomic level. I know that sounds dreary at first, but there's a liberation that comes from accepting that reality. And that's where we hope this album ends up.
As a self-managed band, things must get hectic. How do you manage your time?
All of us are in school, bands, and/or several other projects as well as Drunken Logic. It can be a headache just to find one day in each week when we can all get in a room together. But we always find a way, and to these guys' credit, we go out of our way to make it work somehow. As for booking, I just try to make myself available at all times to discuss shows and opportunities with people. I essentially take my office with me. At the dueling piano bar where I work, I've spent many 20-minute breaks just sitting on a dish rack in the kitchen, writing emails and making phone calls. You do what you have to do, whenever you have to do it.
What advice do you have for other independent bands on booking shows and managing themselves?
I've been looking for a smarter, more efficient way to book shows for a couple of years now, but I've yet to find it. There's no "smart bomb" that I know of, so I stick to carpet-bombing. We email everyone within five miles of the city we're targeting, and apply to every Sonicbids opportunity that we could possibly qualify for. We're getting to do a lot of cool new things as a band, several of them because of Sonicbids – but we're not at a point where we want to say no to anyone right off the bat either. We want to play as much as possible, and hopefully that shines through in our approach and performance.
What do you think sets your Sonicbids profile apart?
I'd like to think our professionalism and work ethic shines through in our profile. We update it constantly and try to provide as much information as possible about where we've played and what we do.
This past July you played at Alive@Five and will be playing Berklee’s CMJ Showcase at this year's festival, both through Sonicbids. What does it feel like to have doors like these opening for you guys?
Exhilarating! After years of trying as hard as we could just to get 10 people to come see us, it’s so fulfilling when someone you’ve never met decides to take a chance on you, and gives you the opportunity to perform for people who have never heard of you. When someone trusts you and believes in you like that, you do everything you can to play your best show yet and leave it all on the stage. That’s the type of show we love to play.
After your CMJ appearance, you’re heading out on your tour from Boston to DC. What are you most excited for?
We’ve been working on material for our second album for over a year now, and it’s ready to go. We plan on recording it all a few weeks after this tour, so we’re going to be playing all of it at our shows – much of it for the first time. We didn’t have an opportunity to hear how our stuff sounded onstage before we recorded the last album, and I think getting that opportunity will make this album all the more special.

Catch Drunken Logic and other fantastic Sonicbids acts at Boston and Beyond: Berklee's CMJ Music Marathon Showcase. - Sonicbids


By the time Drunken Logic rolls up to Carroll Place to kick off our CMJ party, the indie band will be a well-oiled machine, in the midst of eight shows over nine nights along the East Coast. The band’s show in New York (and the others, of course) help cap off a busy year for the Drunken Logic crew, who since forming in 2012 have already played everywhere from Fanueil Hall to San Francisco’s AT&T Park (these days they’re hotter than Hunter Pence).

In the same year they were RAW:Boston’s 2013 Musicians of the Year, the Logic crew dropped debut album Something New To Burn, which blended more genres and styles than we have room to list, all in the name of creating an eclectic fast-forward sound that’s shaken up after each track. By their very nature, CMJ showcase lineups are varied and genre-spanning, but rarely is a performing act so varied in style and substance, a notion perhaps best found on sing-along standout track “Empty Room.”

Drunken Logic is the brainchild of Jake Cassman (vocals, piano/keyboards), runner-up in Berklee College of Music’s Songs for Social Change competition in 2011, and messages of hope, despair, and the permanent place we reside in daily are reflected in the band’s lyrics. - Vanyaland

"Drunken Logic - Something New to Burn"

“…an eclectic, diverse blend of indie rock rhythms mixed in with a prominent lyrical insight that presents a new breed of a group that takes elements from various genres, and presents it in a format that is easy to articulate and comprehend in simple musical terms…

It’s refreshing to hear bands who don’t confine themselves to just one genre of music, and instead get their feet wet in various other genres of music that over time will make them a longer lasting and more full featured band in the process who are willing to take a creative risk each and every time. Drunken Logic are a band that definitely fits all of the aforementioned criteria.” - MusicBoxPete

"Drunken Logic: Album and Interview"

“Drunken Logic’s music is aimed at ordinary people trying to move forward from where they are now, with highly personal lyrics, several mentions of the Occupy movement, and a number of politically charged tracks. Though the styles vary as the album moves from song to song, the whole thing is tied together by its distinct piano lines… heavier punk influence takes over for several songs, but the music stays approachable and melodic throughout.” - Ten Miles MA

"Drunken Logic Embrace Universal Human Experiences In The Video For “This Side Or The Other”"

Boston folk-punk band Drunken Logic are packing up to head out on the road to tour in support of their Speak Into My Good Eye approved sophomore LP, Long Day’s Journey To The Middle. Before heading down to Philadelphia for their tour kick off at Connie’s Ric Rac on May 14th, the band is now unveiling the tragically beautiful video for stand out single “This Side Or The Other”. Speak Into My Good Eye is proud to premiere it below.

The video features victims of violence of all kinds volunteering their stories and coming together to show the world that their pasts won’t define their futures. Although we all go down different paths in life, deep down we’re all just humans trying to make sense of our existence.
A triumph of the human spirit, “This Side Or The Other” showcases Drunken Logic’s stripped down emotional depth in tandem with their knack for crafting arena ready rockers.

A little back story, “This Side Or The Other” was the second-place finisher in Berklee College’s Songs for Social Change contest in 2012. Lead vocalist Jake Cassman based it on his experiences on a cultural leadership retreat to New Hampshire while at Berklee. According to Cassman, “it was written on an out of tune piano, all alone in a wood cabin, with a fire in the fireplace, in rural New Hampshire.”

Check out the video for Drunken Logic’s “This Side Or The Other” and check out their full run of upcoming tour dates below. See you at Rockwood! - Speak Into My Good Eye



In 2010, Jake Cassman walked away from an Ivy League education to forge a folk-rock sound influenced as much by Kurt Vonnegut and Jon Stewart as by artists like Dawes or Frank Turner. Two years later, Jake founded Drunken Logic, a band that “blend[s] more genres and styles than we have room to list, all in the name of creating an eclectic fast-forward sound that’s shaken up after each track” (Vanyaland). Since then, DL has released three critically acclaimed albums and several award-winning music videos, and performed at major events and venues like AT&T Park and First Night Boston — all while demonstrating profound honesty, scathing wit, and musical fearlessness.
Jake’s artistic journey has taken him around the world and back again, with jobs in every corner of the music industry and performances at everything from celebrity galas to improv comedy shows. He’s also participated in grassroots campaigns for automatic voter registration and universal healthcare, and taught songwriting classes to young people trying to find their voices. Despite his busy schedule, Jake still saves time for pickup basketball, urban and rural hiking, and trying new beers based solely on their names.
With each step forward, DL have been careful to give back to their community by supporting progressive causes and hosting music workshops for young people. In 2016, Drunken Logic donated their song and video “What A Beautiful Morning!” to the 30 Days, 30 Songs project for a Trump-free America, alongside artists like Death Cab for Cutie, R.E.M. and more. And  this past year, Jake has returned to his home state of California to release DL’s third record, The Loudness Wars — an unblinking reflection on the forces roiling our country and the people left in their wake. Consistently funny, always honest, and never boring, Drunken Logic is a powder keg of diverse rock music sparked by the American folk tradition — an inspiring and challenging sound defined by the times in which we live.

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