Drunken Monkeys

Drunken Monkeys


Chicago's new live talent the Drunken Monkeys have captured the ears of the local listener and are marching right into the future of rock music.


Featured as a headlining act on stages at the Double Door, Elbo Room, Hard Rock Cafe, and 602 North the Drunken Monkeys have earned a seat with some of Chicago's best. Their sound resembles that of a jamband, but has quite a big rock element as well. The Drunken Monkeys are all about the live show, every appearance they seem to grab new listeners. So come along for the ride cause this band is on their way!


The Drunken Monkey's first independant release "One More for the Road"

Set List

Mostly origional material but are known to throw in some covers by the Beatles, Dave Matthews Band, and Moe. Look for Monkeys to be covering Coldplay's "Put a Smile on your Face" and Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye" in the upcoming set list.