Primus being raped by the Damned while ELP whack off in the corner. Or a semi-unconcious Knack being slapped about by the Sex Gang Children for Rush's home video nasty.


It was a dark and stormy night. No. really. Fuelled by Xmas spirit, Jones and James were discussing global domination. "schgraaschnagrrrthud" said James, waving his arms about violently..... "aaahhgh - Big Tim - erk, gnash,giggleheave" replied Jones. Several dozen measures later...."mmmm...wasssat? bass monster?" . . . . bring bring - "SnuffyVoodoo?" "Yeash" noise? "mkay"...HUGE NOISE!!! "Gnarghhhheeheeheemuhahahahaaaa...."

"Spears of punky guitar, scenic soloing and gothic melodrama. Tilting from hard rock Rocky Horror highs to the musical bleak of breathy, adept texture: the band are ghoul-bop with vital guitar vocab. Appropriately for a county supergroup, there’s a cracking swathe of musical influences in evidence:from creeping bass pop-horror crawling tension to jagged guitar slasher-movie spikes. Had Aleister Crowley ever founded a band, they’d rock sets like this. From divisive,jagged ‘9/8 Tune’ to the slick grunge-razor ‘Red Shift’, dropping evil funk lines into acid jazz; uncompromisingly original, coating The Doors’ instrumental freedom with Zappa-esque humour." Lizz Dodd, Nightshift '09


"The Independent Republic of Drunkenstein" (rivet Gun Records 2009)

Set List

Normal set lengths of 35-40 minutes, all original material, varies in number of songs (some long, some short) depending on requirement.