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"Friday The 31st"

Shovelhead canceled out so a band called Drunk Hound filled the gag. This is a self-proclamed folksey-blues band. A WAHT???? Immediate thoughts of pure torture popped into my mind. I was glad to be proven wrong. Even still pushing the envelope the way Zepplin did with a blues-rock mix??? At least Zepplin had a start with known and developed talent. I got to give them credit for having brass paraphernalia to even try it. In short it worked.
Drunk Hound is a three piece affair made of Luke Lewter(bass), Jake Nutt (drums), and Max Howard (guitar). The style of music is actually quite pleasing to anyone that appreciates rock or blues. It wan not overly folkey or bluesy and i would venture to say it really is more of rock with slight overtones of folk/blues. A very good mix.
A quick odd fact, they are influenced by Kirby Kelly. Co-incidence or are they stalking me? Other influences really hit home as it's really some of the same music i listen to. Apex Twin and Primus were top list.
The sound of the band was deep and full. I noticed the lead guitar had some sort of nuance to it that created an extra type of "fill" that harmonized well with the music. Was it a purposeful effect and can it be duplicated? How? It was a recently picked up Ibenez that had some minor work done to it before the show. I hope it wasent a fluke because i liked the secondary tone it carried. I did notice that the pick-ups wern't centered on the strings well, being placed low on the body which would cause the string to leave the sweet spot when bent but it didnt seem to affect the music that i could tell.
Max is a very smart and knolwdgable guy who really seems to lead the group. His thoughts and ideas could propel the band forward provided the group is dedicated to succeed (which i think they are). Luke has a solid feel to the bass that really seems to pull the group together as a solid functioning entity. I think Jake is the "bad boy" of the trio and fits justly on the percussionest,s seat. He keeps a very good beat and really to tone it down at just the right time, just as John Densmore did years ago for The Doors
While setting up, Max and Jake did a pre-show warm up. It was a good tune that got my attention when Jake used the lip of the snare causing a tuk-tuk beat much the same as Steve Ferrone did in Tom Petty's "Saving Grace" (on the cymbal upright). It's these types of dynamics that separate the band from "guys with guitars and drums". Luke seems to be the set-up guy for the band, but dont let the pre show menial labor detract from the energy he threw off of the bass. He is a talented player worthey of the two peer aside him on stage. He was tuned on par with Max's lead and it created a full sound that really enhanced the aformentioned secondary effect of the lead guitar.
The sound of the band was true and hard. Very good depth with the multiple nusnces. "Take Her Away" is a slow and soulfull, really good old school track that fills the blues segment well. The one song that felt odd out of set was "Shark in the Wading Pool Blues". A good song that could use a slower ending to enhance the overall feel of the song. It ends kinf of abruptly and it leavs you with a hanging feeling. this is my personal oppenion and such does not hold much credit as i am not much of a writer by any means and i do not mean that to discredit a good permormers work.
This is a band that needs to be watched and watched well by other band members. They have the sound that i dont think will stagnate any time soon. - Nightlife Magazine


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Hello! We are DrunkHound! If you are like us, you're sick of the same old same old. We provide music for individuals seeking something different. Not in the "progressive, emo/thrash" fad music way but with an interesting mash up of old, primal writing styles (old folk and delta blues) mixed with newer age concepts (alternative, grunge, organic industrial, space folk, etc). If you like covers, go listen to every other bar band in this area. We are not a Juke Box. Please help support keeping music real and full of soul and emotion.
You never know what you will come across at a DrunkHound show we are full of suprises anyhing from wearing giant, curely, Fake mustaches through an entire show to showing up an a venue dressed as zombies. You are sure to great music and a great time at a DrunkHound show.