Drunk & Sailor

Drunk & Sailor


We encourage high levels of audience participation at our shows. This is made easier by our propensity for drinking songs and sea chanteys.


We got our start at renaissance festivals in 2008. The highlight of our career so far was getting several hundred people jumping around at the Dragon*Con Pirate Party in 2009.

We try to interact with the audience quite a bit during our shows. We teach them songs to get them singing, teach them dances to do, and encourage them to drink heavily at appropriate venues. We're also fond of bringing people up on stage to show off/embarrass them.

In short, we strive to be a heck of a lot of fun.


We have one CD so far: "Cheap Green Beer", recorded live on St Patrick's Day.

Set List

Our sets normally last from between 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the needs of the venue. About 3/4 of our songs are traditional songs about sailing and/or drinking, and the other 1/4 are more modern songs about (you guessed it) sailing and/or drinking.

We can do family-friendly sets, raunchy adults-only sets, or anything in between.