As fast, loud, and fun as the name suggests. Think MC5 mixed with Bob Seger and Motorhead.


Remember raiding your parent's liquor cabinet as a kid? Mixing random bottles of booze, you made yourself a nice little cocktail for the prom. You probably came up with some a black syrupy combo that tasted great at the time, but inevitably ended in heartbreak, vomit and maybe even a trip to the hospital.

Drunkula recklessly combines motor city grooves and hardcore bombast with hip shaking soul. Mixing members of The Illuminati, The Sinisters and The Flamejobs, you'll once again have yourself a nice little cocktail for the prom. And while you'll agree it tastes great going down, don't forget about the heartbreak, vomit and a trip to the hospital.


2005 - The Caketaker (Independent)
2007 - All New Moves (As yet unreleased)

Set List

Typical set is 30-35 minutes of pure rock fury. covers include:

Ain't No Friend Of Mine by The Sparkles
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man by Bob Seger
Drunken Blur by The Candy Snatchers
On The Avenue by The Nervous Eaters