Dru Sally

Dru Sally

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Nerd Sci-Fi Swagger rap that is the realest it can be.


I have been making solo music since High School, and have developed a massive passion for rapping. I am based in Madison right now, with plans to set up shop in Milwaukee, WI next year, my original home. I have an affiliation to a collective of musicians known as A Mindscape Manifestation, and want to change the face of real rap as you know it.



Written By: Dru Sally

Come check out the rest of my Newest Music on Sound Cloud, more will be uploaded to this site soon.


Have over 26 originals on my webpage, all the way back to my first high school song (there are others, but the first is always a classic).

Set List

1. Rap Game Infiltration
2. Savage and the Beast
3. 1 for the Kush
4. Monstrosity
5. Boxing Gloves
6. We Filetin’
7. 4 the Homies
8. Eye of the storm
9. Real Saga Continues
10. How do you do? (concert version)
11. Boomer Esseisen
12. 3 for the Broke
13. Adrenaline Rush