Dr. Versatile

Dr. Versatile


Spur of the moment jams, Spontaneous time changes, psychedelic nomadic grooves are what drives our performances to become excitingly intense, we are an experience more than anything.


Dr. Versatile is a new, hip, and unique band to come out of Aberdeen, South Dakota. It consists of four musicians from different backgrounds, ranging from punk, metal, jazz, and funk. The thing that really brings these musicians together is the constant hunger to expand and explore new ways to express themselves with taste. The Meters, Rush, Primus, Bill Frisell, James Brown, Grateful Dead, Incubus, Tool, Allman Bros. , Particle, Sublime, and the Mars Volta. These plus many other bands from a copious amount of genres give this band it's unparalleled sound. Dr. Versatile got started by jamming in a crammed space and recording every minute and distributing its materials about town. Then almost overnight the buzz began and the people wanted more and they officially became a band.


Basement Tapes (2007)

Set List

songs include: wonderpants, the world, keyboardum, cruise control, longer than remember, through the tunnel, Airbag (Radiohead), Pawn shop (Sublime), Fire on the mountain (Grateful Dead), China cat sunflower (Grateful Dead), Simple kind of man (Lynard Skynard) Sets last from 60-80 minutes and can range from two to four sets if needed.