Dry County Drifters

Dry County Drifters

 Canyon, Texas, USA

Texas, Red Dirt Country! Country with a rockin' attitude


Kris Owen
I started singing when I was young in solo competitions, choir, and other events. I gave up sing at 13 just didn't think I was good enough to pursue it further. At 17 I bought my first guitar and started playing and writing music and it all clicked. At 22 I started singing and playing as a solo act then I met my best friend, Trent Riley, we started playing and writing and all of our friends told us we needed to start a band so we did. It has been one of the greatest things I have ever done. That’s how DCD got started. My favorite bands are Theory of a Deadman, Three Doors Down, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and the Ely Young Band. My Life influences are my parents, Kerry and Jolynn Owen and my wife Lauree, who have supported me through thick and thin in my dream of playing music. My favorite saying in life was a quote given to me by Chad Stoner, "If they ain't talking about you, you ain't living"!

Trent Riley
When i was a kid my uncle Rick showed me a few a chords on his old guitar.At 14 i got my own and have been trying to figure it out ever since.I was in high school when the Texas sound finally took off and I was sold.A many a chick-a-dee was made while listening to guys like Robert earl Keen,Jason Boland,Cooder Graw,CCR,The Great Divide,Charlie Robison,and cant leave out Bob Seger.The way they made their music fits my style and has helped me in finding my own sound.

Chad Stoner
Grew up as a punk country boy, music has been the fiber that has held my life together. I was raised by my parents 8 track and reel to reel players being introduced to Lovin Spoonful, Eagles, Alice Cooper, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. I remember my first record player where I took all of my parents old records and continuously played them. As a kid I was really into the Yardbirds, The Ventures, and the Beach Boys. It wasn't until late adolescences that I was introduced to Waylon, Cash, Hank, and Haggard. From then the honesty of the outlaw lyrics and the intensity of rock instruments carved the music taste that would follow me the rest of my life. I grew up as a fan of music first, after being kicked out of freshman high school band, the minimal skills learned were enough to get me through hours of practicing my instrument while attempting to imitate my favorite drummers. That has been the fuel that has propelled me into the unique style of music that I am blessed to be a part of and play. I honestly believe that there is no standing still in life, you are either living or dying. Moving forward or backwards.

Paul Douglass
Raised in Amarillo I started playing bass at 16. Influenced by acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Fugazi, and Rage Against the Machine. I didn't discover Texas country until my twenties. I am the most recent member of the Dry County Drifters, joining the band in October.

Jack Taylor
I fell in love with music the first time that I heard Help from the Beatles. I would spend hours listening to there blue and red albums. Then I discovered my dad’s Jerry reed 8 track and probably had to buy 4 copies because I played them so much. Around 8 me and my friends would make cardboard guitars and jam all night to the Beatles and Beach Boys. When I turned 10 my grandpa, a very accomplished musician gave me a fiddle and taught me my first song, leather britches. I continued playing Texas bluegrass fiddle for the next 3 years as well as being in the orchestra. When I hit high school I pulled a bonehead move and decided that the fiddle was not cool so I stopped playing. I still loved music and had bought an electric guitar a couple of years earlier and played that more than the fiddle. My teen influences are your basic metal 80’s bands. When the 90’s hit I was sucked into the “grunge” scene. Meat puppets, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins are some examples. I was also into the under ground punk scene with bands like Minor Threat and Fugazi. In 2001 I formed a band with my wife as vocals and my brother-in-law as the drummer but it did not pan out. I left scene for 8 years, always still practicing. I finally said this is what I have always loved to do so why am I not doing it. I placed and ad and was called by Kris Owen of DCD. They were looking for a bass player. I told him that I played guitar but had dabbled in bass. I tried out and made the band. I was the bass play for almost a year when the departure of our lead guitarist left a hole. I auditioned for the position and got it. I love playing with these guys. They are down to earth, honest, and would give the shirt off of their backs if you needed it. I would also like to thank my Wife Sissy for dealing with all the practices. My mom for being encouraging, and a shout out to my Dad and Grandpa who are two of the best fiddlers and guitar players I know.



Written By: Dry County Drifters

Crazy Copy Right 2009
Wait on someday and it never comes well I was hoping that someday
maybe she would show up at my front door that look in her eyes
she say’s that she wants me that’s the reason she’s crying
why must I miss her cant leave it alone just take the bad with the good
take it like a man and just move on. Why do I see her when I'm dreaming at night
it just us alone dancing underneath the neon lights
I'm going crazy. In this house all alone
I'm going crazy. How much longer can I hold on can’t hold on
Drank a bottle of turkey and I busted my phone I sat an smoked weed all night
and I wondered if shes alone I've lost my mind wishing on the stars would fall
I can smell the perfume I can hear the pictures on the wall
How I loved her didn’t treat her right now she’s dancing with him
Underneath the neon lights
I'm going crazy

Movin' On

Written By: Dry County Drifters

Movin’ On Copy Right 2009
Whoa my babies movin' on and theres nothing I can say
Whoa my babies movin' on and her mind I cannot change
She stole my keys and headed off to Reno
Here last words were go to hell she fell in love with a man you looked like Elvis
They hitched up in heartbreak hotel
She’s in love She’s in love with the king of rock n roll
Oh I should have seen this coming from a thousand miles away
She loved that picture that her grandmother gave her autographed back in 1968
Blue suede shoe’s he’s takin' care of business in his pink Cadillac
Oh Lord can somebody tell me how do I compete with that
She’s in love She’s in love with the king of rock n roll
She’s in love She’s in love with the king of rock n roll
He’s lovin' her tender probably lovin' her sweet but what can I do
Right now I bet he is showing her karate in his leopard colored room
I cant get her out of my head and what she means to me
My friends they tell me don’t take it so bad she left you for a king
She’s in love my babies in love she’s never comin' home

Fly's Like This

Written By: Dry County Drifters

Fly's Like This Copy Right 2010
What the hell are you suppose to say when the love of your Life just walks away and not a single tear drop falls Everything you feel just falls apart double edge sword Straight to the heart never say it coming at all Just the other day we were making plans a house and a family a ring On her hand she wont say ere I went wrong Well it’s over that its She made up her mind she knew this was coming all along It’s hard to let this go when your every move fills your mind It’s hard to get over when you put your heart on the line It’s hard to let it go every memory that you miss It’s hard to get over when love fly’s love fly’s like this It’s really hard to rise above everything you did was never Enough cause her heart was never true well she should of done this a long time ago Hurts like hell is all you know what the hell am I goin’ do. I could go drinking every night but whiskey doesn’t heal the pain Inside it just kinda numbs the ache so lost don’t know what to feel Open wound that just won’t heal you can only wish it all away


Written By: Dry County Drifters

Anymore Copy Right 2010
She turns out the lights she don’t say nothin’ it’s be awhile since we even talked In my heart I should say something but I don’t even know where to start Part of me wants to say I love Just take your hand and kiss you good night The other part it don’t feel nothing Thinking thoughts saying this ain’t my life I don’t know who you are anymore some how you lost your love for me I don’t know if it’s worth fighting for I should just pack my things and leave Oh cause maybe maybe were not meant to be Sun comes up the night is over every morning feels the same I know exactly when it happened she started calling me by my name I know nothing last forever I just never though I see it’s our love in a down fall
What the hell happened to you and me

Good Times

Written By: Dry County Drifters

Good Times Copy Right 2009
Just across the boarder a couple of friends and me gonna see the donkey show get a couple of pounds of weed we’ll find some senoritas won’t bother calling home a bucket of coronas and a bottle of patron Those mariachis those guitars they can play for a couple of dollars they’ll play for us all day bought me a sombrero 2 dollars is all it took On the head of a drunken gringo I got a lot of dirty looks It’s all ok maybe we will stay here for a while with a beer and a smile Ain’t got no plans just our feet in the sand having a good time How much trouble can some gringo’s get into? We found out real fast out number 12 to 2 We gave them all we had went as far as we could go We hit the door screaming’ remember the Alamo Busted at the border by a dog they called Jose They tried to take our money but us gringo’s got a way Yeah it’s all ok yeah maybe we’ll stay Yeah it’s all ok just having’ a good time

My Daughter's Eyes

Written By: Dry County Drifters

Daughter’s Eyes Copy Right 2009
Hey there my sugarcane can’t believe it’s been so long Can’t believe you’ve grown so tall can’t believe your hairs turned blonde I know you don’t understand all the wicked things I do Drowin’ in my own blood locked inside this little room Should’ve known better than the do the things that I have done Should’ve known better Just a poor boy out on the run Should’ve known better Baby I apologize I should’ve done better in my daughters’ eyes Just down the way cell block 82 there’s a man serving 99 Smartest man I ever knew He said wipe those tears everything will be ok Keep your head son your gonna get outta here someday Sending’ you this letter on your graduation day I know all the words by heart but there’s Not much I can say I can’t fix the past and I can’t go back in time Lost years is a heavy price when it’s all that fills your mind

Broken Bottle

Written By: Dry County Drifters

Broken Bottle Copy Right 2009
Pick up them pieces of the bottle I broke against the wall Look in the mirror and I don’t know this person at all Been threw hard times baby everything I put you through Maybe the alcohol talking but you know how much I love
What did I do so wrong this cant be the end What did I do so wrong I’d give anything
I’d give anything to have you in my arms again. Pick up them pieces of the heart I broke against the wall Thoughts they fill my head I can’t sleep at all Here I am wanting you I remember every touch Once again I’ve lost to the bottle someone I love so much Have you in my arms again whoa Have you in my arms again whoa Have you in my arms again whoa

Lauree's Cryin'

Written By: Dry County Drifters

Lauree's Cryin'
Hey baby why you cryin’ don’t want to spend the night alone Hey baby why you cryin’ don’t you know you’re the only one Wipe those tears that keep falling don’t you know I’m still right here Wipe those tears that keep falling Cause I’m not going anywhere So don’t forget about me don’t forget about us
Don’t forget about all the little things that mad us fall in love It’s 2 a.m and were still fighting Just stuck my hand right through the wall It’s 2 a.m and were still fighting Do you love me anymore at all There was a time when we were smiling Something tore our world apart
There was a time when we were smiling Do you still love me in your heart Hey baby why you cryin’ don’t want to spend the night alone Hey baby why you cryin’ don’t you know you’re the only one Alone on this couch I’m still sitting She’s fallen asleep in our king size bed Alone on this couch I’m still sitting All these thought’s running through my head
It will be alright tomorrow I’ll put roses in her hand It will be alright tomorrow gotta love few understand


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