Dry County Drifters
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Dry County Drifters

Canyon, Texas, United States | SELF

Canyon, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Country Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Dry County Drifters Broken Hearts and Second Chances
This band is polished and has the clean sound of a seasoned country act. At first I thought they might be alt-country rock, but no, this is the real thing. It’s mighty country. I have to admit, by way of full disclosure, dear readers, that I do have a soft spot for country. I like the sad, sweet lyrics and the twangy guitar. I like the way it’s makes a grown man practically cry on stage about a woman that’s left him for someone better, cooler, richer, and who loves her more even though the singer is professing his undying devotion to her and begging for that second chance that will never come. I’ve just always liked country to some extent, and I was a suburban kid from San Diego. How is that? Did I get too much daytime westerns on TV growing up? Do I secretly want to be a cowboy? I don’t know. But judging from the popularity of bands like 70’s giants The Eagles and Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers as well as the Greatful Dead, and many others who it can be argued have strong country influences, there’s a lot of secret country fans in rock out there. Admit it, dear reader. You’re a hidden country fan. You like songs about drinking and fighting and divorce. While the Dry County Drifters seldom tour outside of their native Amarillo, TX, if you saw them I bet you’d get your head bobbing too and be grabbing the nearest cowgirl to dance with. There are huge swaths of middle America that thrive on music like this and that’s the reason for it. It’s not called “Country” music because it’s only popular in the rural zip codes; there are people everywhere that like its themes. I didn’t hear references to God or the bible in this CD, so don’t get your anti bible belt dander up, you city slickers. But everything else is there except the yee-haws. You can download this strong shot of tequila in a dusty glass online. (myspace.com/drycountydrifters) - Robert Shamlin


Broken Hearts and Second Chances
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Good Times
Movin' On
Daughters Eyes
Fly's like this



Kris Owen
I started singing when I was young in solo competitions, choir, and other events. I gave up sing at 13 just didn't think I was good enough to pursue it further. At 17 I bought my first guitar and started playing and writing music and it all clicked. At 22 I started singing and playing as a solo act then I met my best friend, Trent Riley, we started playing and writing and all of our friends told us we needed to start a band so we did. It has been one of the greatest things I have ever done. That’s how DCD got started. My favorite bands are Theory of a Deadman, Three Doors Down, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and the Ely Young Band. My Life influences are my parents, Kerry and Jolynn Owen and my wife Lauree, who have supported me through thick and thin in my dream of playing music. My favorite saying in life was a quote given to me by Chad Stoner, "If they ain't talking about you, you ain't living"!

Trent Riley
When i was a kid my uncle Rick showed me a few a chords on his old guitar.At 14 i got my own and have been trying to figure it out ever since.I was in high school when the Texas sound finally took off and I was sold.A many a chick-a-dee was made while listening to guys like Robert earl Keen,Jason Boland,Cooder Graw,CCR,The Great Divide,Charlie Robison,and cant leave out Bob Seger.The way they made their music fits my style and has helped me in finding my own sound.

Chad Stoner
Grew up as a punk country boy, music has been the fiber that has held my life together. I was raised by my parents 8 track and reel to reel players being introduced to Lovin Spoonful, Eagles, Alice Cooper, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. I remember my first record player where I took all of my parents old records and continuously played them. As a kid I was really into the Yardbirds, The Ventures, and the Beach Boys. It wasn't until late adolescences that I was introduced to Waylon, Cash, Hank, and Haggard. From then the honesty of the outlaw lyrics and the intensity of rock instruments carved the music taste that would follow me the rest of my life. I grew up as a fan of music first, after being kicked out of freshman high school band, the minimal skills learned were enough to get me through hours of practicing my instrument while attempting to imitate my favorite drummers. That has been the fuel that has propelled me into the unique style of music that I am blessed to be a part of and play. I honestly believe that there is no standing still in life, you are either living or dying. Moving forward or backwards.

Paul Douglass
Raised in Amarillo I started playing bass at 16. Influenced by acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Fugazi, and Rage Against the Machine. I didn't discover Texas country until my twenties. I am the most recent member of the Dry County Drifters, joining the band in October.

Jack Taylor
I fell in love with music the first time that I heard Help from the Beatles. I would spend hours listening to there blue and red albums. Then I discovered my dad’s Jerry reed 8 track and probably had to buy 4 copies because I played them so much. Around 8 me and my friends would make cardboard guitars and jam all night to the Beatles and Beach Boys. When I turned 10 my grandpa, a very accomplished musician gave me a fiddle and taught me my first song, leather britches. I continued playing Texas bluegrass fiddle for the next 3 years as well as being in the orchestra. When I hit high school I pulled a bonehead move and decided that the fiddle was not cool so I stopped playing. I still loved music and had bought an electric guitar a couple of years earlier and played that more than the fiddle. My teen influences are your basic metal 80’s bands. When the 90’s hit I was sucked into the “grunge” scene. Meat puppets, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins are some examples. I was also into the under ground punk scene with bands like Minor Threat and Fugazi. In 2001 I formed a band with my wife as vocals and my brother-in-law as the drummer but it did not pan out. I left scene for 8 years, always still practicing. I finally said this is what I have always loved to do so why am I not doing it. I placed and ad and was called by Kris Owen of DCD. They were looking for a bass player. I told him that I played guitar but had dabbled in bass. I tried out and made the band. I was the bass play for almost a year when the departure of our lead guitarist left a hole. I auditioned for the position and got it. I love playing with these guys. They are down to earth, honest, and would give the shirt off of their backs if you needed it. I would also like to thank my Wife Sissy for dealing with all the practices. My mom for being encouraging, and a shout out to my Dad and Grandpa who are two of the best fiddlers and guitar players I know.