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The D.S.C.P or Dirty South Central Project is bringing hip hop/ rap back to where it use to be - something that will last for generations and make you want to move every time you hear it.


D.S.C.P - The Dirty South Central Project
Presented by CM3 and CM3 Records is a compilation of west coast and east coast artist, putting out real music produced by Mega Producers; Easy Mo Bee, TweekBeats and Battlecat. Featuring Kuul A.D.E - the Hugh Hefner of Hip Hop, Baby Down - the Pitbull of the West Coast and All Mighty Dolla - the Prince of L.A.
These artist have performed with the likes of DJ Quik, Suga Free, Ice Cube, Brother Lynch, Tech-9, Snoop Dog and more. Now they are here to perform for you! Putting the step back in hip hop and bringing you lyricist like no other


Spotlight - Performed by Baby Down, All Mighty Dolla and KUUL-A.D.E. Produced by TweekBeatz and distributed by CM3 Records, Inc. 2012