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West Babylon, NY
By Kathryn Moore Hybrid, a Rock/Metal/Industrial band from New York, isn’t what you would expect from just hearing their songs. Would you believe that, unlike almost every other known band, that they don’t have a designated drummer? Well, it’s true, but that doesn’t hold them back from creating great songs. In my opinion, it makes their songs even more unique, but that may change soon. There are four members in Hybrid, which actually was formerly known as Hybrid Effect; Peter Damian-Lead Vocals, Jon Hagelmann-Guitar and Backing Vocals, Anthony Kondyra-Bass, and Mike “DK” O’Toole-Guitar, Keyboards/Programming, Drums, and Backing Vocals. The founder of Hybrid, DK, has recently announced in a blog on Myspace.com, that he will soon leave the band to start a new music project. DK has also stated that creative and directional differences in the band had a major influence on his decision. No need to worry, though. The remaining members, Peter, Jon, and Anthony, still plan on carrying on with Hybrid and are currently looking for a new guitarist and drummer. They are also working on new material. What’s better, there are no hard feelings, and DK plans on supporting Hybrid in the future and hopes for the best for them. You can read the full blog by clicking on this link: http://blog.myspace.com/. You can get more info on DK’s new music project by clicking on this link: http://www.myspace.com/dsevenproject. Even though it sounds like there might be a change in Hybrid’s sound in the not-so-far future, I am still going to tell about the band as they were. I still think that Hybrid has a lot of potential and I hope that it takes them a long way in the music business. When I look into a new band, or at least a band that is new to me, “How unique is their sound?” is the first question I ask myself. I’m always looking for bands that are trying to make their own sound, so you can imagine how I was the first time I heard their songs. With influences like Fear Factory, Metalica, Linkin Park, Ozzy Osbourne, Rammstein, Hatebreed, Korn, Lamb of God, Orgy, and many others, you can tell by their songs that they pull at their influential roots and mesh it together to make their own sound. Although the mix of Metal and Techno isn’t uncommon, the way that Hybrid harnesses the power points of both genres and puts them together is a rare attribute. Every component builds up on the others, so the ending product is smooth. The lyrics of the songs may be fairly simple, but they are hard hitting at the same time, and are written so that almost anyone can understand them. Don’t just take my word for it. I am a firm believer in making your own decisions about what you like rather than liking (or disliking) something just because someone else does. I may like them, but you may not. There will, most likely, never be a band that every single person in the world likes.In conclusion, this is a band that I would defiantly like to see live, and I would like to see them become more prominent in the music community.

- NorthEast In-Tune


Strength of One; Emotive - Studio demo/Ep; Live from the Lab - Live Ep



Following the growing revolution of music, the fusion of Rock, Hip-Hop, and Rap, d-Seven is taking the next step in advancing music. Instead of following retro music trends or clinging to concepts that have made other bands successful, d-Seven has adapted their influences - Pantera, Linkin Park, Fear Factory, and Korn - into a modern day mix of metal mayhem and musical mastery.
Founded by Mike “D.K.” O’Toole, d-Seven, has combined the elements of great musicianship and innovative approaches to make music. While most bands wouldn’t think twice of getting onstage without a drummer, d-Seven proves that sometimes the combination of sequencing and the Techno/Industrial influence can provide a better backbeat than an actual drummer can. This type of ingenuity is typical of d-Seven music. The band has generated a sound that emphasizes the unit over the individual part: no one instrument overshadows another and all parts build on each other to create the musical statement that is d-Seven.
D.K. having previously released emotive (with Hybrid Effect) and Live From the Lab (with Hybrid) took the next step to enhance the music contained on the previous recordings and unleash new songs on the world. The result is 2006’s “Strength of One” featuring the tracks Buried by Life, Demon Within, Letting Go, and an acoustic rendition of Stand at the Gates.
Over the span of his musical career, D.K. has worked with other hard rock groups such as: Virus (formerly Crossfire), and Fade Down. The drive and passion that these four possess will make even the most uninspired stand up and take notice.
D.K. now looks forward to the future; seeking out like minded, accomplished musicians and releasing another CD with all new material in the near future. As well as getting the sound and vision out to all audiences.