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D.S.G. (Dirty South Gangstas)
James Hawkins (aka-Southernboi) met Deshaunn Harris (aka-Phoenix) while working in a warehouse in Atlanta, GA in 2003. They immediately related to each other and became fast friends. Soon they learned of a mutual aspiration to make it big in the rap music industry and that both were from Jackson, Mississippi. This led to the formation of Jac Town Boyz.
Mississippi already has a rich legacy in the music industry including jazz, blues, and R&B. Jac Town Boyz began working hard immediately and enthusiastically: writing, recording, and performing. Their sole mission being to perfect their unique Mississippi rap sound and flavor bringing Mississippi’s rich musical essence to the rap repertoire. Southernboi and Phoenix created a melodious, deliberate rap style that is as rich as the Mississippi basin. Phoenix left the group to pursue interest in Jackson, Mississippi.
In 2005, Southerboi of Jac Town Boys link up with Marques Pigatta (aka Q and Pos@threat). Q’s fast lyrical style added a complementary twist to Southernboi’s harmonious rap style. Southernboi and Q created the new group D.S.G (Dirty South Gangstas). The original blended sound of the smooth Mississippi rapper and the fast lyricist from North Carolina is unparalleled in contemporary rap. With many performances, recordings and writing among them, they decided the time was right to launch the group’s debut, Hard Times. Among the recordings on Hard Times are: Down, Catch Me Mane, What It Do, Bubble, and Muggin Foe. D.S.G is a real crowd pleaser and has already performed as a group in several venues throughout Atlanta, Georgia.
James Hawkins (Southernboi) was born and raised in Jackson Mississippi, where the wisdom and love of grandmother (Gee) greatly influenced him. Southernboi came to Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 to pursue a career in the music industry. He teamed up with a Deshaun Harris to form Jac Town Boyz. There smooth style created a unique, soulful sound working with Urban Style Records and Kool Kat Records. Later, Q and Southernboi met and formed the group D. S. G.
Marques C. Pigatts (Q) is a 21 year old artist from Florence, South Carolina. He got his start rapping with the Homicide Murder Click in his hometown. They performed and recorded Boonkey and The South Carolina Anthem. Q’s family relocated to Atlanta where he met Southernboi. Q’s fast South Carolina lyrical style was a perfect match for Southernboi’s laid back rhythms. They began recording together in the spring of 2005. As a rapper and lyricist, Q is an exceptional talent.


What It Do, Muggin Foe, Bubble, Down, Catch Me Mane, Drop Low, Pimpin

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What It Do
Drop Low