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That Day

Written By: D'Shaun Ragland

Inspired for Michael Jackson

Celebrate all in the streets, no guns, the world’s living drug-free - THAT DAY
Black men, white men, no enemies.
Children playing in harmony – THAT DAY
No one in the penitentiaries, no sign of cancer for centuries – THAT DAY
Families living on one-accord, no court rooms, attorneys, no divorce – THAT DAY

Verse I
Take a look all around the globe, all you see is confetti.
There aint no more killing over nothing else petty.
Sickness healed, poverty is no longer ignored.
And everything that was stolen, was returned back to the stores…Yeah

Even the doctors were rejoicing in the streets.
The hospitals were vacant, no one’s in need for surgery.
The presidential candidates dispute no more.
I’m telling you the worlds at peace like never before. (Back to Chorus)

Verse II
Up down in and out round and round the world is turning up side down, when you turn on the T.V. it’s all over the news the crack houses are now rehabilitated schools.
The blind can see and the deaf is hearing well and all the signs of HIV is removed from every blood cell and those who left us once before are now back to celebrate once more.

I always dreamed there was a world, no shattered dreams no broken pearls
Where all of the skies stayed blue, the rain only came to make the flowers bloom.
No matter how impossible it seems, the truth is the truth and not a dream.
You can bring the future into now; your faith can make happen somehow.
You can make the world by the words you say
You can make tomorrow come today.
And all those unsaid good-byes, Reunited with the ones for whom we cried
This aint another fairy tale. Believe and your wishes become real.
When your heart and mind will agree, there’s nothing you can’t be.