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D. Smiley

Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Rump Shakers"

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"D. Smiley- High Expectations"

Shout out to the homie D. Smiley doing his thing. His new LP, High Expectations, jams. This man will not be denied. Click. Listen. Download.

http://dsmiley.bandcamp.com/album/high-expectations - iLL-Ego

"Mc Profile: D. Smiley"

D. Smiley strikes me as the type of personality to just continuously party. He is probably amped-up to do whatever it is he is doing 99% of the day. I bet he even fist pumps when he is brushing his teeth each morning. He has buckets of energy and I wouldn’t be surprised if Fallout Lounge actually gets felled on saturday. Combined with Tunk – this show is going to tear the roof down. Read below for his interview and make sure to download a totally exclusive, unreleased track down below!

Q: Let’s kick it off with the basics – I know you came from The Colony, and you’re now at UNT. Why Denton?
A: Honestly bro, I wanted to be away from home, but not far away from home. My mom was in a phase of bad illness at the time, so I needed to make sure I was close just incase she needed help with anything. Also my pops is like my best friend. We are two peas in a pod (laughs), so I wanted to make sure he was close in case I wanted to go visit and get a good laugh hearing the “Back in the day…” stories… I’m honestly just a taller, darker, younger, better lookin’ version of him (laughs).

Q: You’re relatively new to the scene, with a couple releases under your belt. Give the people who might not be familiar a crash course in D. Smiley’s sound and all around vibe.
A: My sound is very energetic and based off true at the moment and time emotions. When im in a chill mood you can expect a track to come out like “So Real” off of That’s Life to come out. If I’m in a jolly mood you can expect a track like “Great Day”. If I’m in a party-hang-out mood it’s pretty much the whole damn mixtape. When you listen to my stuff you can expect to bounce, head bob or completely just rock the fug’. That was I love about my music. Just make it fun. That’s what its about.

Q: “That’s Life” is a great title. I love how honest you are with your music. It seems to be something that comes off really naturally and I can tell you are the type of cat that just has mad fun making your music. Who do you listen to the most to get inspiration and bring that endless energy from?
A: I listen to D. Smiley, Tupac and Rick Ross mostly before I record, but my music isn’t near as hard as the other two artist are at all. But, the reason I do, is cause I can listen to their tunes and know that they had people in the studio with them — whether label mates, friends or fam — and know that is was a fun atmosphere in there and that they were rockin’ out doing what they do. And that is how I like it when im recording, hince, the reason my tracks have a fun energetic vibe.

Q: I’ve had random strangers come up to me and ask about the show on Saturday – specifically about you. Why does your audience just love ya so damn much?
A: My audience love me because they know my music is real. They listen to it and can relate man. They know that no matter how funny I’m being in a part with the metaphor I spit, I’m also being honest and real with the story I’m telling. They know its real and shake their head and say “yeah i can feel that my dude”. You will never hear me talk about having stacks of money, having cars and all that. You will hear me talk about trying to get it and chasing this dream to do so. That is just they type of artist I am.

Q: Any words about the show? What should we expect?
A: PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! hahah but for real man its gonna be a jumpin’, bumpin’, hands raisin’, liquor shots taking type of show. There is nothing in this world that makes people move like music and on the night of the show, people are going to be moving to my music. That is special man and that is a situation… a very good situation… yes i did just drop that Jersey Shore reference at the end haha that show cracks me up… What can i say???

That should give you a proper feel for the man known as D. Smiley. Rumor has it that D. Smiley senior will be in the building as well pourin’ it out and moving with the music all night. WE ARE ALL FAM ON SATURDAY!!!

Also I’d like to point out that this mp3 below is totally exclusive – BRAND NEW music off of D. Smiley’s upcoming album “HIGHexpectations”. You can’t get it anywhere except yeahdef.com right now! so click it or ticket! ha-HAAAAAAAAAIIIIGHH-YAH! - DJ YeahDef


Revelations (August 2012)
The Young Don Appreciation EP (January 2013)




Dontae Smiley, who goes by the shortened name of D. Smiley, is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and Hip-Hop artist from Dallas, TX. In 2010, Smiley decided to end his college hoop dreams and go full time into rapping which he had been doing since high school dropping minor projects. Also, in 2010 Smiley founded his MacBroadz Music Hip-Hop collective, production outlet, and label with the additions of Rick Blaine and CLV. It wasnt until May of 2012 that Smileys career took a big leap and his name started jumping out the mouths of people in Dallas with the release of his Revelations EP and lead single off of it Thinking Out Loud.

2013 was the breakout year for Smileys career. Starting the year off with the release of his debut EP series on New Years Day, The Young Don Appreciation, Smiley knew it was going to be a great year. Also, the people knew it would be too with Lucinda Breeding of the Denton Record Chronicle saying, Smiley has come into a newfound confidence in more than his art. Hes a businessman who means to brand his music and his clothes. As 2013 traveled from spring to winter, Smiley went on multiple tours with the likes of, The RaiderKlan, Audra the Rapper, Will Brennan, SL Jones, Doughbeezy, QLEE, Tez McClain and more. He also performed at two festivals; the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX in March and the Oaktopia Music, Arts and Culture Festival in Denton, TX in November. Also, he performed at non-tour shows around Texas with the likes of Casey Veggies, Travis Scott, Aaron Cohen, Kosha Dillz, A.Dd+ and more.

On September 6th, 2013 Smiley released his first LP project, Golden Child, Rightful Sinner. GCRS was well received by the public and the blogs with TheIras.com saying, [it]is a solid album with all the right elements for a great album, and that, Smiley is in his own lane and GCRS is his best work yet.

Currently D. Smiley is finishing up the second installment of his Young Don series, The Young Don Appreciation 2, which is set to drop first quarter 2014. Be on the lookout all around from here on out as Smiley continues to add more top shows to his resume. Follow Smiley on his journey in music as he drops more original music, videos, interviews, merchandise, and much more. MacBroadz.

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