D.S.O. (Down South Originals)

D.S.O. (Down South Originals)

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Deep Rooted in Funk,Jazz,Blues and Gospel we created a sound of elements of being Hip Hop Children from within our Southern Upbringing's. Dick James(Mississippi),Mike Wayne(S.Carolina), Dirk & Gripp (S.Carolina,Bro's) are 4 Character's who will thrill you in a Positive manner...


Down South Originals- we are really from the what people would call country. Mississippi and S.Carolina small cities not a lot of economical opportunities. Born in the music world Thru our Parents,(Dick) Mother paid her way thru College on a Musical(Vocal)Scholarship.Mike son of Deceased "Vernon Young" Lead Vocalist of Bill Pickeney and the Original Drifters. Dirk and Gripp's Father was a Pastor and an Instrumentalist. Baptist background's and Spiritual following's came with change when Furious 5,Run DMC,LL,Kurtis Blow,Big Daddy K,etc and later Snoop,Red Man,Outkast,Goodie Mob,Wu-Tang,Tu Pac,Biggie,etc. it was over and the influence's were massive. We are party,crunk,informative,romantist and enjoyable as a Group(very handsome and humble). We have survived since 1994 and been thru the up and downs and learned the business and are on the rise for the future.


"Drama Queen" basically speaks for itself, it is getting major club spins in Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA. This single features "Dick James" on vocals & "GrippTight"
on the beats 2 give you a southern anthem club banger. It has been rated on one of NC DJ Record Pools at No.3 2006. Star Fleet Record Pool. It aslo got put on Jb's Play List in Ozone Magazine Spring 2006. "Luv,luv" single ft.Multi-Platinum Songwriting/Recording Artist :BIG BUB(R&B Group TODAY) Distribution with AT&T and 55 worldwide mobile servers thru-out the world. ringtones & voice tones.

Set List

7 min setting for Dick James (I love U,Drama Queen,Fire fire, Watch Yo! Mouf,Better Day's: D.S.O ft. BIG BUB-Luv luv,I Don't Need Nobody,Believe Yourself,Very Special,You Need My Luv'n-15 min: Dirk (All Day Long,ft. BIG BUB-She Was-5 min: Gripp (Livin My Life,Brown Water 5min =30 min show