My name is David Stadig and I am a composer/guitarist/vocalist and I'm KingKat. My tastes are eclectic and my music bears this out. Primary influences are rock, jazz and blues, but you'll hear any number of musical styles in my portfolio. I am available for hire.


KingKat combines elements of blues,rock and jazz, driven by David Stadig's powerful guitar, to produce the sound that is truly a melting pot of musical styles.

David Stadig has been involved in music since age 7. At 12 he began playing in bands, and teaching the guitar at 14. He has been “playing the guitar longer than he hasn’t.” Dave holds a B.M. degree in Composition from Berklee College of Music and is a very prolific composer in a variety of musical genres. He says, “There’s no such thing as bad music, only music that isn’t played right.” David brings his writing, playing and vocal skills to KingKat that contribute to KingKat's unique and diverse musical character.


CD; KingKat, Volume 1, CD; The Circle CD; Where Did The Time Go? CD; Mrs. K's Eclectic Electric Christmas
Singles: Dreamin, KingKat, Mr. Fancy, Tea For 3, Flight To Mars, Bad Summer