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Curently we have a song called Stay Fly Fly Fly that every body is loving



Urban RAP/HIPHOP/R&B/ artists, producers and songwriters. “D.T.” began recording in 2002 at the tail of a violent neighborhood, yet they were able to keep much of their sound alive and positive. With quality songs such as “Pushing”, G‘eeed Up, So Cold and Stay Fly Fly Fly, DT has truly showed what they’re capable of. After leaving B-Square most people thought that it was the end of the legacy but Esseness and Gossip didn’t stop there. They went on and created a myspace profile on the 21st of October 2006 with only one song recorded, which is today one of the best music profiles on myspace. Standing high with 300,000 profile views and over 150,000 plays in just 8 months. D.T. has given back a lot to their community, always willing to perform without being paid for a good cause.

Gossip of DT was born as Jerry Varice, came from of small family of three one brother and one sister. Jerry always stood out from everybody else, strong lyrics with strong metaphors and comparisons to back it up. Growing up he always the best at what he did, especially when it came to putting his Feelings on a beat. On a collaboration on the song So Cold with the Jamaican born Upcoming singer China Reid, he was able to show the girls a more human side of him. Growing up money was never a problem for jerry but staying out of trouble was. “It was hard ,but I did it and I’m proud of my self” Jerry said when I asked him how did it feel about graduating high school even though he was off track most of the time.

Esseness of DT AKA Slim Spaz was born as Mike Ferdinand, was raised by a single mother and was able to get anything they wanted. Even though Mike was enjoying being spoiled while he was growing up, it used to always hurt him to see his mother work so hard. At the age of 18 he went on and got a job to help pay the bills. During high school , Mike used to get suspended from school for all types of stuff but gangbanging was the main reason. Used to gamble in the cafeteria and later fight in the hallways regarding unpaid money, he was going trough a really rough time and was expressing it trough his actions. But when he found music it was like founding GOD.

It was four musketeers in person, Mike, Jerry, Woody and Fanqusse. They hooked with one of Woody’s cousins and a friend from south side queens and formed B-Square. During that time they were recording songs such as “That Girl, Hate it or love it and Underground Ghost” with B-square. It was when Esseness and Gossip recorded they street anthem “G’eeed Up” without anybody else from B-Square in it that drama broke out. Esseness got into a fight with Woody’s cousin regarding the fact that him and Gossip recorded a song together without giving B-Square any shout outs, so Esseness and Gossip ended up leaving B-square to form DT. Dictator Team, the name was formed in an English class on a Saturday, it has a lot of meaning to it, describing what they both stand for and what they represent in the music world

DT Has performed in many places and has always caught the eye of the crowd with their stage presence and their catchy tunes. With 5 years on the road, DT isn’t planning on making any stops. There is no finish line only a couple of express stops, such as the music industry and a nice house on a hill. Harlem youngsters soon to be millionaires is here to give the public what they’ve been waiting for