Energetic, technical metal with fast paced melodic changes.


Hailing from north central NJ, it is no small wonder that the band chose D.T.A for its moniker, short for Don't Trust Anyone. The bands brutal, aggressive approach is combined with melodic overtures and sarcastic riffs brought through by Kris Kraemer (guitar). Along with the punishing and tireless rhythmic punches by Joe Moore (drums) and fathomless bass tirades of JD Harvis, the key that opens this metal massacre is the piercing needle of Danny Noble (vox) which shoots through all of this as he threads it all tighter.
Together they are a sneering new face in the underground.

Their music is straight forward and without compromise. Although, they are influenced by many, they conform to none.
They retain their musicianship throughout everything.


DTA- Self Titled 1999/2000 No Rest in Peace-2002/2003 Invidious- 2006/2007

Set List

1. sepelchral 2. Invidious 3. My World 4. Plea for Sanity 5. DTA 6. Always a surprize!
We have 2 other albums to pick and choose from. We also do a few covers from: Sepultora, Testement, and Slayer.