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Our music and group is like a new Saint Louis rap scene meeting a old hip hop scene with a twist.Nothing like us exist and we are the originators.


You can't have hip hop without the projects and DTACC is straight out the projects, Cochran public housing that is.Growing up these 6 young adults seen,heard and maybe did everything there is to make a story and lived a life that would want anyperson to want better.Dtacc is not only a rap group but a close family and they are influenced by success and any artist grinding to be successful.This group been together musically since 1999 but been knowing eachother for life and it's not to many groups who have that much knowledge of eachother.King Woo is the producer and song writer of the group and he bring a different style that would have you not knowing that they are from Saint Louis Missouri.Dtacc has produced 2 full length cds and a lot of maxi sigles and singles from the group and on the solo tip.Collectively this group sold 5000 plus cds, now selling downloads and ringtones,a new cd,tracks and signed to BMI DTACC is a force and 2007 is going to be big for this group so look out.


Cochran Gangstas Da SAGA BEGINS 2000 LP
King Woo Animosity 2001 EP
Darrea U Lost Me 2002 EP
DTACC Liquor Sto 2003 single
DTACC Take U Home 2004 single
DTACC We're Back Cochran Gangstas PT2 2004 LP
DTACC Freaks 2006 single

Set List

our performance vary we do from 15 minute sets to 45 munites We start off with Cochran, Where U At, Liquor Sto, Take U Home, Freaks and Happy