D'talle Band

D'talle Band


D'talle (pronounced Deh-Ta-Yeh), is the exciting new Cuban music ensemble that is turning heads worldwide.This women band combine the expertise and the swagger of contemporary Cuban music with a vivacious tropical energy.


D'talle is a celebrated nine piece band from Havana Cuba (eight women, one man), with an exciting style, unique sound, and vibrancy on stage which is characteristic of the Afro-Cuban rhythms in which the band specializes. They have been together for seven years and performed to enthusiastic audiences in various cities around Europe, the Caribbean and Canada. D'talle is looking forward to the new challenge of promoting their music worldwide.

For more information contact:
Mary Thorpe(Manager)
Phone:(604)321 91 93


After forming in 1997, D'talle released their first CD, titled "De la Salsa Cubana" (BIS Music). The album is a musical production of quality that combines energetic measures of Cuban Salsa and Son Montuno, with forays into Boleros, Cumbia, and Timba music. One listen proves that this clearly is the hottest dance band around.

Set List

Set lenght and song list vary from venue to venue.Set are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour long,with one or two sets,depending on the venue.

Original Songs
Poupurrit de sones
Son de a verdad
Esa es la vida
Algo anda mal
En ese lugar
Ese amigo infeliz
Tu presencia
Un adios
Algo anda mal
Te va a pesar
La tomaita
Aqui cada uno
Te traigo la Rumba
Moving with the rhythm
Estoy buscando el momento
Cuando te vi
Nada no pasa nada
Dime si no te gusto
La maldad

Mi son mi son
Quiero Salsa
Cuba que lindo son
Oye com ova
Chan Chan
La murga
Estoy enamorado de mi pais
Besame mucho
Homenaje a Celia Cruz(Poupurrit)
Sonando con la musica
Caprichosos de la Habana
Tiempo por Tiempo
Mambo Influenciado