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Darrick, born and raised in Chicago, had his first taste of music early in life.
From the things he heard, it started a ball of excitement beyond understanding.
“I didn’t at first, know what the words meant, all I knew was that it felt good.”

Equipped with the talent from his aunt, Darrick started to mimic the sounds of his aunt’s vocals and began investigating the source of this beautiful sound. So late night’s were listening to favorite artist of his aunt, such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Al Green and Marvin Gaye. Still curious as to how music, words and vocal styles can effect a mood and life, Darrick writes and sings with that unbridled curiosity. Darrick began without any formal training, but after writing his first song at the age of 18, he went on to study at the Sherwood Music Conservatory to hone his talents.

Working with different artist, Darrick began to see that being stuck to one style would not make it in music, so he took a different direction of writing songs, instead of trying to write what he himself would like, he thought about how he felt when he heard those beautiful sounds from said Artists. So he wrote with the feelings of listeners in mind.

In 1999, Darrick join a group called “Secret”, while the group garnered minor success, winning various Chicago talent shows and a winning appearance on the famous “Showtime at Apollo” in 2001. Following that success, Darrick began his solo career, doing college shows, local and throughout the Midwest. Working with his former producer Johnny holiday, birth such hits as “Shine” and “Satisfied 03”.

Today, Darrick has become a valuable song crafter and singer. Now, with more focus and more vigor, Darrick, along with his Extended Musical Family partners , will unload a part of music that’s been missing for awhile, “Good” Music.

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Look out for the Debut CD Titled "iNtheDor" AVAILABLE NOW

Featuring the two hit singles: "Get Up 2 Get Down"/ "Onedaful"


Darrick : "The Beginning" 2001


Set List

Original Songs

Get Up 2 Get Down
Touching Your Body

Length of Set: 1hr-1hr & 1/2 typically
Available for any size set