Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip Hop

To create, and destroy.


A metal band with a new direction, DTF represents music in all its forms and strives to stand out among the clutter of today's industry.



Written By: DTF

Such waste of all my aches, a truth I cannot hide. Something deep within me lingers, anger haunts me day and night. A fallen victim to my paranoic tendencies, I let this rage flow through my veins becoming my insanity.

Just close your eyes, and fall asleep tonight, you'll wake right here with me by your side for this one last time. Who knew that there'd be no tomorrow, an end in sight so quick to follow with haste. Such distaste for everything you are. Lose all hope for once what was as your soul is stripped straight from your heart, sweet desolateness.


Psychosis EP

Set List

Typical set list is between 4-5 originals with a Misfits cover.