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Treal/ (tree -eel) adj.
1: Both Truthful & Real 2: not artificial, fraudulent, illusory, or apparent 3: Genuine

Many years before local rhyme slinger Dashawn “D-Treal” Washington emerged, the city of Atlanta Georgia has enjoyed many success stories. From Outkast, Goodie MOb, Jermaine Dupri and more recent Hip Hop success in TI, and Killer Mike, Atlanta has always been the home of major talent.

Certainly any new artist emerging from such a competitive scene has to have true lyrical prowess if they want to be mentioned in the same breath as these contributors to this city’s legacy. D-Treal has been honing his skills as an MC since the early age of ten, all in preparing for the moment his name will be mentioned by the next generation of MCs as one of their influences.

On March 19, 1970 something, in the heart of a city that would one day become the new Motown, Atlanta GA, Dashawn “D-Treal” Washington was born. Early on D-Treal developed a healthy interest in music, while most children his age were more concerned with toys and cartoons, in the 4th grade D-Treal began songwriting.

Back in the late 1980’s D-Treal would stay up late to watch any video show or quite frankly anything that involved his new passion Hip Hop in the hopes of learning something new to help his own development. His early influences include NWA, Spice 1, MC Eiht, Scarface, The Geto Boys, UGK, LL Cool J, and 2Pac. Under the watchful eyes of his parents Sherrie and Rudy Washington, D-Treal attempted to juggle both school and his passion for music, unfortunately growing up in Atlanta’s notorious Zone 1, which the world knows as Bankhead Georgia wasn’t an easy task.

Growing up times were hard and D-Treal had to learn to make the best out of the basics. While other kids in the neighborhood enjoyed Air Jordans, Guess Jeans, and the latest trends, D-Treal had to get what was available and make it last, and to this day he attributes that to any success he has experienced. D-Treal has never spent time getting down on himself, but has always been driven to change any situation to his benefit. The ideal has always been to make lemon aide from the lemons life has given you.

Later down the line, when hip hop became more than just a passion, but a way of life for D-Treal, he decided on a stage name of “Felony”, but after long consideration, he decided against it stating “I’ve never been convicted of a felony, since my music speaks the truth so should my name.” Thus the name D-Treal which means “Dashawn, True & Real” was born. D-Treal’s main focus is to write real music, music that everyday people can relate to, regardless of your background, rich poor, white or black.

D-Treal has continued writing and performing at any venue available to him before linking up with his friend and future business partner Jermaine “Empire” Kimble to form LXM Entertainment. He has also recorded a string of tracks with other local acts such as Mikey Battlez, San’Na, Enz, & Karmadonis, and with them has released two successful mixtapes.

In today’s hip hop arena it is rare to come across an artist people can actually relate to. Somewhere between the golden age of hip hop and today we have lost sight of what’s true and real....Those days are over. LXM Entertainment would proudly like to introduce the rebirth of real..... D-Treal