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The best kept secret in music


"D-Trick The Element of Surprise"

by Ashley West-Albin

In 1992, two kids entered a school talent competition and performed The Geto Boys' "My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me." Being a suburban/rural school, the hip-hopping duo caught quite the attention of faculty and students alike. Little did they know, 15 years later the two friends would still be making music, just in a more grown up way. John Hayden, the CEO of Basshead Entertainment in Owensboro, KY, and Dedrick Jackson (D-trick), hip-hop performing artist, are sweeping the Midwest with their heart pumping beats and down to earth lyrics.

D-trick has opened for Twista, Haystak, Bukshot, and Lexx Luger. He has performed at Woody's, the Owensboro BBQ Festival, University of Southern Indiana, Kentucky Wesleyan College and several other venues in the tri-state as well as in bigger cities. D-trick also competed in the HOT 96 Last DJ Standing competition and lasted until the final 5. As a result, he was offered the Friday night DJ position on HOT 96 and as of March 2007 had the #1 requested song on HOT 96, "This is Why It's Hot," a cover of "This is Why I'm Hot" by MIMS.

You might think D-trick is a hard-core gangsta but he is a perfect example of why we shouldn't stereotype. He is a pretty average looking married guy who works at a mortgage company. In fact, when I asked him what he was doing when he first heard his song on the radio he replied, "I ironed my shirt and went to work." However, D-trick uses his appearance to aid him in what he refers to as the "element of surprise."

"When I go to a battle people don't see me coming. I am the element of surprise because I'm not your average rapper. Now, I have a reputation from Indy to Nashville in battling."

D-trick grew up on the south side of Daviess County with his mother and grandmother. At a young age, he was influenced by rap and the hip-hop culture of larger cities. However, now, when working on his own music D-trick makes it a point to clear his mind and focus on his own work.

"I don't listen to anyone else when I'm working on a CD. When I'm just listening to music for my own entertainment, I really like Shaggy, Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake."

D-trick's differences have made him tougher and more driven in the world of hip-hop because without his power of endurance and self-assurance, he never would have made it as far as he has.

"One time we were at a bar in Henderson and a redneck yelled at me from the back of the room. I was never asked to come back. I get lots of animosity but I don't notice the differences. I don't go around acting like I'm being treated any different. Greatness only comes through solving problems and the people best at solving those problems are the ones who truly succeed. I don't use my differences as a crutch. I address my problems.

Currently, Basshead Ent. plans to release a compilation CD on April 17th spotlighting all the Basshead artists: Newtral (Jason Newton), Young Fixx (Adonis Hudson), Kizer (Aaron Kizer), however, D-trick is the main artist on the CD. His lyrics are underground rap based on real life issues and concerns facing D-trick's audience today.

"My audience ranges from the southern rappers to teenage girls to motorcycle gangsters. I don't have a set audience; I play for everyone. I've even had people come up and tell me how my music has helped them get through something in their life or inspired them. If you aren't doing it to impact and inspire someone's life, it's not worth it."

When asked how many times D-trick has been shot, he smartly replied, "several times…tetanus shots."

Catch up with D-trick's music and info on Basshead Productions on www.airki.com or http://www.myspace.com/bassheadz. Or catch D-trick live at May 12th weekend of the BBQ Festival.

- News 4U Entertainment Magazine


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