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"One More Sinner - 3/5 album review"

DTX 'One More Sinner' (State of Decay). The band formerly known as Dog Toffee return. - In truth DTX is still the same band with a new name but some might argue that's not such a bad thing. 'One More Sinner' is a Ramones spliced with Social Distortion'y kind of of an album - all the songs pure R'n'R through & through with just a h9int of other influences. At points DTX start to sound like early Goo Goo Dolls but again some might argue thta's not such a bad thing either. Dog Toffee's last album 'Sacred Heart' * went pretty much unnoticed by the general public & 'One More Sinner' is good enough not to deserve a similar fate.


*(UK sales on 'Sacred Heart' 1670, worldwide 5000) - Rock 'n' Roll Unlimited. - Big Cheese Magazine

"One More Sinner - 8/10 album review"

'Let's face it - not all bands need to be revolutionary, not all bands need to change the face of music. What bands need to be to gain any credibility is good. DTX are just that, specialising in no frills rock 'n' roll, beating against the pricks & avoiding the latest fashions as they do so. Like total pros, this Manchester quartete execute their buzzsaw riffs & hooky punk rock anthems with ease. "NME Darlin" is a dry two fingers to the ver changing fads of the weekly music rags, without being bitter, while tracks like 'Die or Dare' & 'How Can I Quit?' are rolicking ditties that satisfy the cochlea. If you love the pop sensibilities of the Wildhearts & the twisted darkness of Therapy?, then DTX are the benad for you. Excellent stuff.

Darren Sadler. - Rock Sound

"One More Sinner - 4/5 album review"

After being handed the poisoned chalice of being hailed the saviours of rock 'n' roll, the band that have operated under the name of Dog Toffee since 1996 have spent many of the subsequent years. 'underdogs'. Having dumped the comedy name they have re-formed under the handle DTX. The band are riding the same stripped down rock 'n' roll hot dog, with dark punk tinted windows & low slung stoner rock suspension.
Tracks like 'NME Darlin' & the excellent 'Hate & Fire' with their sneering soaring vocals & blistering guitar work recall the hectic goth rock of The Damned & the Cult; 'Like It' has the Phil Spector-on-a-glu-buzz charms of the Rmones; 'Le Ossa Del Diavolo' slouches with the head bobbing swagger of Queens of the Stone Age. With the new name they continue Dog Toffee's sterling work by eschewing fashion, sticking to their guns & making some excellent contemporary rock 'n' roll music.

Mark Norton. - Classic Rock

"DTX - One More Sinner 8/10 album review"

'One More Sinner'
Out Now

Flicking through the so-called 'alternative' music press, you'd be forgiven
for thinking that rock n' roll has lost its way in the 21st century. How did
it become so clean, so fashion-conscious, so damn presentable? You could
take the Strokes home to your mum, for Christ's sake! What happened to rock
n' roll as rebellion, as the weapon of the guitar-toting underdog?

Here's where DTX come in. Formerly known as Dog Toffee (now back with a new
drummer), these guys have been playing together for nearly a decade; and
consequently, 'One More Sinner' rocks with all the vigour and ferocity that
you'd expect from a band hardened by years of endless tours in battered
transit vans. All in the face of public indifference, of course - but hey,
it's their loss.

For DTX are the latest in a long lineage of great dirty rock n' roll bands;
specialising in melodic yet hard-edged tunes delivered with a wonderfully
dark sense of humour, a caustic lyrical streak and no little confidence.
Witness 'NME Darling' - which pulls no punches on the ever-fickle weekly -
or the adrenaline-fuelled blasts of 'How Can I Quit?' and 'Hate & Fire' for
a taste of brawn and brains mixed to excellent effect.

Uncompromising, yet accessible; vitriolic, yet never bitter - 'One More
Sinner' is a much needed victory for grass-roots British rock n' roll.

Alex Gosman

- Crossfire

"DTX - One More Sinner - album review"

Such brutal old school riffmongery as this would, until quite recently, have earned a band little more then the undying repsect of the pub rock circuit. These are rocktastic times however, & DTX deserve their crack at world domination. Every generation throws up it's share of lean, spill-yor-pint, leave-the-toliet-seat-up rockers, & in that respect DTX, with their searing guitars & punky rockabilly rhythms, are the reincarnation of Link Wray, Motorhead, the Sex Pistols & a whole load of other boisterous noiseniks rolled into one.

Paul Taylor. - M.E.N. (Mancheser Evening News)

"One More Sinner album review"

One More Sinner
State Of Decay
"Keep Those Devil Bones Rollin'..."
DTX are Manchester's sacrilicious streetwalkin' cheetah punk'n'roll pariahs Dog Toffee rebranded, refueled and in flat-out fighting form, if this record is evidence. These fuckers don't need no flakjackets as they power a holy rollin' 18 wheel sluiced n' juiced juggernaut straight into the whirlwind frenzy of hell's moshpit and for the jugular of a thousand fleabit toilet venue trenches. All guided along on greasy oilslick sleek and slamming rattlesnaking guitars that ignite and torch every road they roll along. A pure search and destroy squad...you can positively smell the petrol and burning tyres and scorched earth devastation left in their wake and of a voice that'd make James Hetfield reach for the vodka again outfront supported by some backing vocals that bring a real anthemic vibe to the party, whether it's Mick Jones in early Clash days, Maiden's 'The Trooper' or Turbonegro's 'I Got Erection', especially on the initial battering ram treatment of 'Lady Luck', 'NME Darlin' (a welcome riposte to said 'magazine' and it's championing of endless non-entities, as my chum Max said the Hello! for indie kids) and 'Like It' (which in a right world would have many a hoody wearing kid jumping to the rafters, as it stomps like a Sidewinder hitting, Social Distortion style, say on 'Cold Feelings'). These early tracks also betray a handy hold on a hook akin to early Wildhearts, tho not quite so chartfriendly, or the Supersuckers, but to these bleeding ears there's also some old-school grit and gravel in there that fell out of Circus of Power records. Later on the album's already dim-lit drug den alleyway atmosphere becomes slightly darker and hints at heavy resin nights. OK, I'm not talking quite Monster Magnet or Fu Manchu but there's a definite rockburn in someone's shirt that singes its stoner way into 'Hate and Fire' and 'Le Ossa Del Diavlo', before an adrenalinized jag of Jagermeister jacks em back up and out the box for the closing double-barreled blast in the belly of 'Boozehound' (that almost lurches into and spills the drink of Supersuckers 'Stoned If You Want It' but has a purepop verse melody line that'd see Eddie Spaghetti weep into his hat, then eat it with chilli sauce) and 'Mustang 68'. If these guys were Scandinavian, say from Malmo not Manchester, their fortunes would undoubtedly, no debating here, be far more favourable. As it is they join the numerous list of British Rock'n'Roll bands that fair better in Europe, America and Japan, whether it's The Jacobites, Divine Brown or fellow Manchester greased up go-go punks GoldBlade. And fucking good luck to 'em.

-Stu Gibson


- Sleazegrinder.com - USA


DTX interview, by Alex Gosman

"I was 13 years old" grins BH, singer/guitarist of Manchester rock n'
rollers DTX, reminiscing about his conversion to the church of rock n' roll,
"it was the Guns N' Roses album, 'Appetite For Destruction' - I remember
hearing the words from 'It's So Easy', where Axl goes "Why don't you
just.fuck off!". I know it sounds fucking sad, but it got me straight away -
I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever heard in my life! So, yeah, it
all went from there."

Welcome, my friends, to the grimy world of underground rock n' roll.
Stylised haircuts/clothing and front-page photo spreads are something of a
rarity here; this is a world characterised by battered transit vans,
run-down venues and bands barely making enough cash to get to the next gig.
You may not realise it, but there are hundreds of bands like DTX out there,
unloved by the mainstream, yet undaunted in their love of the music that
they and their fans hold dear.

Formerly known as Dog Toffee, DTX have been playing together for nearly ten
years, and have notched up an impressive array of support slots with dirty
rock n' roll luminaries such as the Wildhearts, Turbonegro and Therapy?. BH
and [DTX bassist] Sean Dog have even found time to set up their own tattoo
studio (www.72tattoo.co.uk).

"I've always been into tattoos, I got my first one when I was 17." recalls
BH. "I always thought they looked dead cool, and I've been interested in art
since I was a kid, so it was just a natural progression really." It also
fits in nicely with the rock n' roll lifestyle that the band have embraced
so wholeheartedly. "Yeah, it's definitely a lifestyle for us.that's why
we've been doing this for so long - it's not just something you can turn on
and off, you know?"

This attitude is born out by 'One More Sinner', the band's first album as
DTX. It's a record dripping in great tunes; an uncompromising yet melodic
mix of hard rock and punk influences. More importantly, it's a hungry
record; the sound of a rabid rock n' roll underdog slipping its leash and
slavering to sink its teeth into the leg of the mainstream. Never shy about
voicing their opinions, second track 'NME Darlin'' is a sarcastic, vitriolic yet very tongue in cheek
attack on the increasingly ubiquitous weekly music paper, and the bands that
feature within its pages.

"The music's become far too weak, far too fashion-orientated these days.
Take Good Charlotte; they try to come across as a punk band, but the
Backstreet Boys and Busted had heavier songs than them! Shit like that, it's
not real music. Maybe they started out with good intentions, but the record
company got hold of them, flashed the cash at them.it's all about the money
and the way you look, these days; the music is secondary at best. It's worse
than ever, and probably getting worse."

BH's distrust of record companies is understandable, given that an early
incarnation of Dog Toffee were signed and dropped by a major label within
the space of a few months.
However, he insists he doesn't envy NME-friendly bands' success.

"It's not really envy, more anger, that all these bands are so successful
when they're so shit! You look at great bands like the Supersuckers and
Rocket From The Crypt, who both had a taste of success here and then just
slipped away - they piss all over most famous bands these days.

All the best bands seem to get ignored, because they're too raw, too
uncommercial. Let's face it, your average guy who works in an office isn't
gonna listen to a band like the Dwarves, is he? A band with a guitarist who
goes onstage bollock-naked, wearing only a mask - it's not gonna happen!"

Still, there's nothing like a good gig to reaffirm a band's faith in what
they do. Tonight's show - with the Yo-Yo's at London's Camden Underworld -
saw the bands playing to an almost capacity crowd, and BH is understandably

"This is what it's all about, shows like tonight! You get shows where the
promotion hasn't been great, where only about 20 people show up, and it
drains your spirits a bit.but then you get shows like tonight, full of
people who like your kind of music, it's fucking great! If every night was
like this, we'd be laughing!"

Indeed, tonight is proof that dirty, underground rock n' roll is very much
alive and kicking. Seeing as we're all going to hell for listening to rock
n' roll anyway, why not get acquainted with DTX and become 'One More Sinner'

- Caught in the Crossfire - UK

"Original Sin - Feature"


It doesn't take long to know what DTX are all about, their statement of 'Rock 'n' Fuckin' Roll ain't a fashion, it's a way of life' is one we wholeheartedly endorse at Big Cheese, though these guys don't just spout loud & play hard, they live it harder.

The Mancunian 4 piece have been bashing out their sounds since 1996 in various guises, but when they are not touring the musical cess pits pof the UK they spend their time inking people up & causing more excruciating pain on them by sticking bits of sterilised metal where nature never intended it to go, at least 2 of them do in their own studio.

Born out of the ashes of the well rockin' creatively named but alarmingly ignored Dog Toffee, DTX are set to kick on a gear with their new album 'One More Sinner' a hard hitting mixture of punk & a low down & dirty version of of rock 'n' roll's spiteful cousin.

As Dog Toffee they released 2 highly acclaimed albums, rtoured their arses off & supported some of the big names in the business only to be blanked by 'the man'. When it's in your blood, it's in your blood & as a re-born DTX the foursome have come out swinging.

The band are backing up the long awaited & delayed release with a tour of the UK & if there is any justice there will be lines snaking around those venues.

DTX's brand of rocking has to be witnesses:alive & dangerous in the way it was supposed to be, amps cranked up to distortion level& sweat dripping off the walls, mingling with the blood & the beer.

2005 could well be the year the industry finally sits up & takes notice, but if 'the man' comes a calling he want's to be ready to take cover.

Simon Nott - Big Cheese Magazine (top UK punk/street mag)

"DTX 'One More Sinner' 7/10 album review"

The Dog Toffee boys return to give this rock ‘n’ roll lark another go
THREE years ago, a little known English band with the glorious moniker
Dog Toffee released an album called ‘Sacred Heart’. It was a brilliant
piece of work – sleazy, streetwise, dirty and melodic all at the same
time, Dog Toffee had released a rock ‘n’ roll record that could rival
anything the Scandinavians had to offer. The trouble is, nobody heard
it. Blame the state of the music business or blame an apathetic public,
but somehow a great band was being allowed to disappear. Inevitably, it
wasn’t long before they conceded defeat and called it a day.
Well, kinda. In fact, three of them (guitarist and vocalist Bobby H,
bassist Sean Dog and guitarist The Hammer, a name that we at this
magazine approve of) have stuck together and re-christened themselves
DTX, adding drummer Nelson to the line up. ‘One More Sinner’ is the
fruit of their invigorated labours, and the record is very much a
continuation from where ‘Sacred Heart’ left off. Vocally, Bobby H’s most
obvious comparison is Nicke Royale of The Hellacopters, and there’s
definitely an element of the Swedish band’s brand of garage rock, with
those glorious throwaway riffs, about DTX. Musically, though, they’re
closer to the anthemic punk of Turbonegro, with a dash of Velvet
Revolver’s contemporary sleaze.
The media tackling ‘NME Darling’ (not sure which magazine they’re
attacking there) is a highlight. With it’s chanted verses and “woah
oh’s” in the chorus, it’s an excellent example of how a small band on a
small budget can sound immense. Elsewhere, ‘Like It’ is a Misfits style
stomp along – stylish, simplistic and wonderfully catchy.
This is a band that are only going to get better, and as we bask in the
glow of the return of fun-time rock ‘n’ roll, courtesy of Velvet
Revolver and The Darkness, this may well be their time. To let them fade
away twice would be criminal.

Social Distortion, Ramones, Turbonegro

The Wildhearts ‘Earth Vs’ [East West, 1993]
Turbonegro ‘Scandinavian Leather’ [Burning Heart, 203]
Gluecifer ‘Automatic Thrill’ [SPV, 2004]
- Metal Hammer


Specification EP - 1997 - Specification Records
Chrome Alley EP - 1998 - Aniseed Records
The Future of Rock 'n' Roll is in Your Hands - Album - 1999 - Twenty Stone Blatt Records
Defiance / Deliverance - Single - 2000 - Twenty Stone Blatt Records
Hotel Hell - Beast of British Comp - Deck Cheese Records - 2000
Killer Rock 'n' Roll - 12" Mini Album - Radio Blast
Recordings - 2000
Jukebox Junkyard - Kerrang/Noise Pollution Magazine Covermount - - 2000
Radio - 7" Single - 2001 - State of Decay Recordings
Sacred Heart - Album - 2002 - State of Decay Recordings
8 Ball Gag - Metal Hammer Covermount - 2002
Sacred Heart - Album - 2002 - JVC / Victor
Hate & Fire - Metal Hammer Covermount - December 04
One More Sinner - Album - UK release March 28 2005 -State of Decay Recordings - Distribution by Shellshock/Backs International
Lady Luck - Big Cheese Magazine Covermount - April 2005
NME Darlin' - single & video March 2006
This is DTX - (24 track comp 1996-2005) May2006 -on Rock 'n' Roll Unlimited Recordings. So Much for the 10 year Slam!



What do such great bands as The Wildhearts, Therapy?, Electric Frankenstein, Dwarves, Damned, Turbonegro, New Bomb Turks, Glucifer, Misfits, Dee Dee Ramone, Gaza Strippers, Teen Idols, Zen Guerilla, Snuff, Anti Nowhere League, DOA, Groovie Ghoulies, Sloppy Seconds, Exploited have in common? Well, besides being well respected Rock & Roll / Punk bands, they have all toured with DTX on board! On DTX’s new cd, “One More Sinner” (March -05), you can find out for yourself why DTX has been the band of choice for so many great bands.

Formed in 1996, hailing from the UK, DTX formerly known as Dog Toffee play their distinctive brand of powerful and exciting Rock & Roll, with thick roots in late 70s Punk as well. On “One More Sinner”, DTX simultaneously engulf you with both contagious melodies and hard-hitting punch. This winning combination has caused many who have previewed their CD to compare the record to the best of work of such bands as The Adolescents, TSOL, Dwarves, Ramones & Social Distortion while adding an intense and strong edge that is uniquely theirs. Lyrically, some of the topics covered on this record are about life in a rock ‘n’ roll band & some of the harder aspects of life. On “NME Darlin”, DTX take a tongue in cheek stab at the hypocrisy and shallowness often found in the music industry. A natural stance from a band that never followed fashion so didn't fit into any established scene for so long.

Now they are back with a brand new album in a new climate & interest in the genre they stood by for so long in the face of adversity. “One More Sinner” has been produced by Pete (Pee Wee) Coleman (Wildhearts, Napalm Death, AC/DC, Demon etc) at Mastertone studios UK. Previously DTX have also worked with Jack Endino (Nirvana, Hot Hot Heat, Dwarves, Supersuckers, Therapy?), Roger Tebbutt (Meteors, Demented are Go, Silver Ginger 5/Wildhearts) and the late John Gill (ex-Mekons, at Riverside Studios - Sex Pistols & the Clash, Link Wray, 3 Johns), & also the late Paul Roberts (The Smiths, Buzzcocks, Slaughter & the Dogs) so DTX are no strangers to doing quality work in the studio with quality producers. DTX have toured extensively throughout the UK with Wildhearts, Therapy? Damned including many headlining tours. DTX have also toured continental Europe, and have plans on hitting the shores of Japan as well, where the last album was released by JVC. DTX are available for print and radio interviews.

The positive band the press have been getting has been very welcome, check some of it out for yourself by hitting the press tab at the top of the page.

The band have been shooting the video for forthcoming NME Darlin' single...watch this space cos' it's going to be good.

In the words of the band - "Rock 'n' Roll ain't a fashion, it's a way of life."