Du2ce Tr3y 6

Du2ce Tr3y 6

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Du2ce Tr3y 6 is phenomenal point blank period. Never before has there been 4 young men as naturally talented as Du2ce Tr3y 6. All 4 are definitely hip hop lyricists. Their flow: crazy, their swagger: no stylist needed. After listening to Du2ce Tr3y 6 you feel good about the future of hip hop.


Damn! Leave it up to Brooklyn to set precedence again. While others may give you a song you wanna hear, Du2ce Tr3y 6 gives that heroin you must have. Du2ce Tr3y 6 originated literally @ 236 blank st in Brooklyn, 3rd generation to a family that migrated from Venezuela. The youngest member, SEKOU a.k.a Killa Kou because of the way he slays all bars and beats, stands @ only 5'4 @ 16 years young. JAH'REL, 21 and PAPI, 19, are both twins whose mothers are cousins and fathers are brothers. IMHOTEP, 17, is uncle to SEKOU and JAH'REL and cousin to PAPI. All 4 of them grew up mostly in 236 and have been writing together and battling each other for @ least 5 years. All 4 take pride in their rhymes making sense, especially @ a time when catchy hooks and hard beats run the airwaves. The Du2ce Tr3y 6 swagger & delivery is hard enough to give J the doodoo face. "DOODOO FACE" like when SEKOU spits, "I'm gettin more, the private jet liffin off/livin 4 lamborghini liften doors an chicks in chris dior/" or IMMO spits, "N*ggaz wanna know how I'm making money currently/take all these similes, flip that into currency/" or PAPI spits, "I rise on you haters my aura is bright yellow/wise man, game plan flip chips like Othello/" Like JAH says "If you don't get the doodoo face it ain't dat HEROIN." If the money is in the comeback, @ their age, there's a lot of profit to be made from Du2ce Tr3y 6 products. If I were in the music business I'd be setting up a meeting...A.S.A.P.

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