old school thrash guitar harmony's, hard core solid drum beats, sweeping bass lines, with excalent vocal styles, (screeming and singing).

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Altered Adoration

Written By: Duality

I need you here rite now
though all the times i try to trust
it seems to fail my hope inside.

I need this more and now
though all the times i try to find
my everything I'm lost inside.

I hate the way this works
i seem to find some sanity
i hate to feel this hurt
it seems the time drags on for days.

i count the times i try to make
you understand i cannot wait
all these times my broken soul remains.

all the times i try to fight this
altered adoration dies
i need you now
words cant describe.


2008 demo
devoted hatred
altered adoration
my demise
all have air play on just good radio

Set List

about 8 songs the set runs about 45 min.
this dies in me
no chance in hell
devoted hatred
altered adoration
my demise
all song run between 4 and 5 min.