Duane Cliatt

Duane Cliatt

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

With a voice that is true heart felt honesty, Duane Cliatt is the sound of Americana Soul Country


Nashville TN resident by way of Camden SC and many points in between, Duane Cliatt is the sound of Americana Soul Country. With soaring range and a heartfelt honesty that draws the listener inside the body of the words he sings, there truly is no one else like him.

When Duane arrived in Nashville, he was quickly noticed by the music industry and A story of finding oneself had begun. Within weeks, Duane was booked into multiple writing sessions a day and then paraded around to every major label on Music Row. "We got a callback from every label meeting we went to I think" Duane says with his deep southern drawl and constant smile. "It was pretty exciting cause it was all new to me and I just kind of figured this is how it was. The record labels would court me  for several months, we would get close to closing a deal, and then it would be over. Just like that. Case closed." Duane would go on to repeat this process multiple times over a three-year period. Finally, he decided to do what he knew how to do best. Write songs and play them for the people.

"I sat down at home in front of my piano and surrounded by my guitars and started writing and playing from my heart." After two years of writing and touring, Duane says he found his musical voice  was exactly what it was before he ever made the trip to Nashville. "People know truth and honesty. You cannot fool them, so I don't try."