Duane Ramelot

Duane Ramelot


Melodic modern technical smooth guitar w/ raspy vocals. Live shows consist of Vocals/Guitars/Guitar Synths accompanied by backing tracks and projector image visualizations and art.


Born in East St. Louis in the 60's. Duane grew up in a spacious countryside community near Dupo, Illinois. He got excited about music hearing local bands tearing it up around his hometown and nearby St. Louis. Playing in local Rock bands from 13 years old. At 21 set out on the road touring from Michigan to Texas and everywhere in between opening for bands like Pantera and Warrant. Met his wife Tracye and started a family. Settled in Abilene, TX. Playing music wasn't paying the bills. So he went to college in 1986 and received an Associates degree in electronics specializing in Microcomputer troubleshooting while playing with Texas 2nd place Battle of the bands winner Frenzy. Took a job repairing Banking equipment all over Texas. " I wanted to see Texas, but didn't realize I would actually see all of it". Reports came in from all over the State of people spotting a man driving down the highway playing guitar. The company number was on the side of the Astro van. "I had my rockman headphone amp and my guitar and got pretty good at driving with my knees, thank goodness the roads in Texas are pretty straight! When the boss asked I would show them this little practice neck with strings on it I made, he would laugh and ignore it". He started his own computer networking/repair company in 1994 after becoming a self taught Microsoft MCSE, Novell CNA and A+ Certified. Over the years he has been performing with top notch EP bands like VIA, The Spiders, RMS, and currently providing lead guitars and vocals for the West Texas crossover favorite Zach Harmon Band. " I've reached the point now to where music I enjoy creating and playing is the only real reward. But if it does touch someone, well that's great. Thats what it should be all about anyway! " Though I wont turn down hard earned funding. In 2009 I plan to spend alot more time and effort on my solo career.


Frenzy, Frenzy 1989
RMS, RMS 1995
Via, By the way 2004
Duane Ramelot I 2006
Duane Ramelot II 2008

Set List

Songs by
Duane Ramelot
Don Henley
Ian Moore
Peter Frampton
Pink Floyd
Pat Metheny
Rod Stewart
Steely Dan
Thin Lizzy

Typically 3 or 4 sets @ 45 min ea.
Can suit to fit venue