Duane Rutter

Duane Rutter


I am a solo (usually) singer-songwriter performing a unique blend of delta-style blues/southern gospel and bluegrass. I consider myself a passionate conduit of "Holy CountryInfusion" steeped deep in the tradition of rural Americana.


My father was a perfromer in the old dance halls in Southern Ontario and many of my relatives came off of the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford Ontario. Week-ends consisted of family music at relatives homes and that's where I learned the "Three R's" : Rockin', Rhythm and Resurrection!

My biggest influences growing up were my Dad and Mom who sang beautifully together, as well as a number of older local fellow's who seemed to know every old song ever written. The Danko family lived near by and I was always very aware of what Rick was doing with Bob Dylan and The Band, in fact, Ricks brother's Junior and Terry became local idols of mine and I must admit I must've became quite a nuicance to Terry as I followed him around probing for details about life with the likes of The Band and Eric Clapton.
I've been playing bars both as a solo performer and instrumentalist since I was 17 years old. While I've only released self produced cassettes of original work, my songs have been covered by local artists for a number of years.
A massive change of life in the mid 90's led me to quit performing other than around the house but over the past year I've been getting back into the game with a brand new passion. I've most recently been opening for some higher profile Canadian acts such as Fred Eaglesmith, and Swamperella and have also been performing a number of Bluegrass/Gospel concerts with sometime singing partner and Ontario Songwriter Sue Sweetman.

Although I've been writing and performing for almost 30 years, I'm more excited than ever about what the future holds in store and am very anxious to take my particular brand of performance to as many people as possible.


Rachel Sings

Written By: Duane W Rutter

I lit out on a train
it didn't take too long to get there
Gave me time to think
but I knew that it'd be cold and wet there

How come it always seems
like angels
never live beyond their means
.... and Rachel sings

I hit town by sunset
I saw my uncle in a laundrymat
He didn't know me
but when I told him who I was
he just took off his old hat

How come it always seems
like we don't age
until we look into a face
... and Rachel sings

She never called
and I never wrote
we'd talk alot
but we never spoke
Her kid's and mine
they were gonna meet
and they'd talk alot
but never speak

We stayed at Aunt Suzies
up in the room where us kids used to play
It still smelled the same
like uncle Bob was just there yesterday

How come it always seems
like time has wings
until someone goes away
and Rachel sings

2001 SOCAN

Again For You

Written By: Duane Rutter

Headlight's don't mean nothing
when you're driving in the rain
through a birthday card from someone
you will never see again

They're just white lines and old farmers
you pass as you drive by
and a bunch of wasted moments
you can't use to dry your eyes

These days I don't say too much
and when I do I yell
and that's too bad 'cuz those who love me
they know all my shit too well

But I promise on your memory
I'll do the best I can
to control my stupid moments
and look after my old man


I'll drive you don't those same old halls
then drive you back again
They're tearing down so no one cares
if the carpets wearing thin
I'll roll you right past Jesus
and past His mother too
and some day I'll wish that I could
do it all.... again for you

Well the days are getting darker
we all hate the winter snow
but I guess it's the last season
that you'll see before you go

So don't worry about your slippers
just close your weary eyes
and I'll be sure to love you always
and I'll say all your good-byes

repeat chorus


I have released a few independant recordings that are no longer available:
Basement Types: 1988
Frozen: 1996
The Secret of The White Wedding Dress: 1997

I have performed several times on a Canadian Cable Television program called "Songwriter's Circle" where I performed all original material.

Cindy Dell recorded one of my songs from Frozen "If You Loved Her That Much" on her 1997 release "Heart of This House"

I will be performing on The Thursday Night Show on CKRZ FM November 3rd 2005 which will be recorded for streaming

Set List

A typical set for me can last anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hr. Ususally I would divide an evening in a club to 4 sets of about 45 minutes each. However I will accomodate what the promoter requests.
Depending on the Venue I mix traditional Bluegrass/Gospel/Folk/Bule with my own compositions. Generally the covers I choose are my own interpretation and usually far from the original arrangements. For instance, recently I've added my version of "The Band's" Ophelia to my set. It is done as a slow Jazz/Blues and only after a few verses does the audience usually begin to recognize it. Some people have told me that after hearing my version, they prefer it to the original. Obviously this is an amazing flattery to hear as I count "The Band" as a major influence and inspiration.
These are all weaved together as the mood of the room permits.

My most recent performances have went like this:

I'll Fly Away (Delta Blues style)
Before You Accuse Me
Bring it On Home
Storms on The Ocean (Carter