Duane Spencer

Duane Spencer

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Duane Spencer's original music does not fall into any defined genre, it must be heard in order to appreciate the style. Influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Harry Nillson, and Boz Scaggs, the catchy melodies and instrumentation will stay in your head long after your first listen.


Duane Spencer has been playing music since age 3, when his grandfather Ward Duane taught him to play the ukulele. At age 10 he took up the drums.

During his career Duane has played with a long and varied list of artists, including: Van Morrison, Roly Salley, Richard Bell, Clark Pierson, John Hall, Carly Simon, Kate Taylor,Fred Lipsius, Bobby Cochran, and Suzahn Fiering.

Duane is a member of the legendary Martha's Vineyard acoustic band Mr. Timothy Charles Duane (aka TCD) (www.myspace.com/timothycharlesduane)

He also toured the Northeast with the soca group Target Rhythm Band.

Duane co-wrote the lullaby "Jason & Ida" with Columbia artist Kate Taylor (www.myspace.com/katetaylormusic) for her CD "Kate Taylor" (performed with James Taylor, Carly Simon, Will Lee, and Don Grolnick)

He also co-wrote "Lock the Door" with Mary Lamont for her CD "You Don't Have to Knock" (www.myspace.com/marylamont)

Duane has written dozens of songs that skip around the genre map, from alternative to folk, to rock, to impossible-to-categorize, but always filled with an irresistible heart.


Erase Our Love

Written By: Duane Spencer

Erase Our Love by Duane Spencer C 2009

Well, how ‘bout that, I got stuck like a rat
In a trap when you blew out my candle.
I wanna try again, but this time it’s the end
And I find it’s something that I can’t handle.

No one can deny that if suffering builds character
I must be just one helluva guy.
But time will heal my wounds, could never be too soon.

It used to make us high just to stare into each others eyes.
How could you Erase Our Love, Erase Our Love, Erase Our Love.

Well, time and again I keep thinkin’, my friend,
These shattered pieces could be put back together.
Seven long years of the pain and the tears
But the laughter made it seem like forever.

I’d love to take you home, but I know you’d rather be alone.
Or could it be with some other man?
I guess I’ll never understand, I thought we were doing just grand.

I can’t help bein’ afraid of windin’ up a lonely man.
How could you Erase Our Love, Erase Our Love, Erase Our Love.


Duane is about to release his first EP titled "12:08 in Nashville". You can hear the songs at www.DuaneSpencer.com

Set List

Duane Spencer's acoustic set contains both original songs from his CD and select covers , including;
"Erase Our Love"
"You and Emmylou"
"God Only Knows"
"Sadie's Song"
"Call It A Day"
"Kentucky Babe"