Duane Tornquist

Duane Tornquist


I write songs that people can relate to. I compose songs about life, love, struggle, triumph, yearning and passion. I am deeply rooted in the traditional sound of American blues, pop, country and rock and roll. My songs are catchy and full of realisms that are meant to tug at human emotions.


Duane Tornquist aka/Duane Lamont and DD Lamont is a singer songwriter based in the artists community of Cave Creek, Arizona. Duane lives with his family and works in the multimedia and hotel industry in the field of sales and marketing.
In the early 1980s Duane was the front man of local bands and eventually left Arizona for Hollywood where he split with his band and went to work for A&M Recording Studios. Tornquist became a Post Production and Mastering Engineer and stayed in the Hollywood area for seven years before relocating to Portland, Seattle, Chicago and back to Arizona where he is now settled. Duane never stopped writing songs for himself and has collected years of work, but did not publish or pursue his love for creating music in public until now. In 2008, settled in Cave Creek, Arizona he began work on his lifelong dream of building a songwriting studio. The studio dream was realized and is called Scorpion Soup.
Scorpion Soup brought new inspiration and organization to his musical life and has also led to a new formation of a band and collaboration with local musicians and songwriters.
Stay tuned for soon to be released songs by Tornquist as he has decided to once again make songwriting and his passion for music a collaborative and public effort.

Set List

Original music plus select remakes of great songs including:
Waymore Blues - Waylon Jennings
Breakdown - Tom Petty
Waitin Around to Die - Townes Van Zandt
After Midnight - Eric Clapton
Rock Me Baby - Muddy Waters
Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell
Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
to name a few.