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The best kept secret in music


Sounds like … a blend of gospel-infused, guitar-based R&B/pop
for fans of artists as diverse as Anointed, Christopher Lewis, Chris
Willis and India Arie.

At a glance … introspective lyrics and Starling's stellar vocals
make his debut a satisfying listen.

Duawne Starling's resume reads like a veritable Who's Who in gospel music. Since he started singing professionally about 10
years ago, he's contributed
background vocals for artists as
diverse as CeCe Winans, Nicole
C. Mullen, Donnie McClurkin and
Fred Hammond—as well as Dolly
Parton, Michael McDonald and
Kelly Price. He's probably best
known for penning the title song
"With This Ring" for the 2001
compilation wedding CD of the same name. Starling's solo debut, Inside Out, demonstrates the
versatility behind the classically-trained artist's quiet longevity with a collection of gospel-infused pop tunes. It opens with "All God's Children," a funky, bass-and-organ driven song with Starling showing off his upper range with the playfully shrieked "Soul!" in the background. Lyrics
include: "It's not your colored skin/But something deep
within/That makes us unified/Red yellow black or white/It's
time you realized/That all God's children got soul." The song
features a fun children's chorus toward the end. "Carried Away" starts softly, then builds to an intense celebration of Christ's return. Starling seems to exercise proper restraint here; he could really punch the song's climax with a power-pop-styled crescendo, but he correctly senses that there's no need to blow the listener from her
seat. The influence of producers Drew Ramsey and Shannon Sanders (India Arie) is evident in "Some Days," a song about the ups and downs of marriage written for Starling's wife. Its pleasant poignancy is similar to Arie's
"Good Man" from 2002's Voyage to India. The guitar-based "There" features simple two-part harmony
and a light, lilting vocal. The sounds of birds chirping softly in the background and gentle finger snaps give the sense of an open-air acoustic performance on a warm day. "I Can Do This," powerful with poignant piano, is distinctive because it is the only song Starling wrote on this CD specifically for his own encouragement. It conveys a
determination to depend on God, with lyrics like "I can be the one I've intended/The one that You need Lord/I can go
beyond every circumstance/When I'm down on my knees."
If you've missed hearing Chris Willis since his self-titled
solo debut, the intimate drama of this song will remind you
of "Home." Such comparisons don't mean that Starling
doesn't have his own sound; it's just that you can hear why
he's been able to work with so many different people. His
voice is an instrument he can adapt for a particular style or
Perhaps the album's most gripping song is "Crazy Love," a
gospel/R&B track based on Romans 8:38-39: "They say it's
crazy that you chase someone who keeps running out the
door/They say its crazy that you would rescue me just like
you did before/They say this crazy love just has to be from heaven up above/God I thank you 'cause I need this crazy love." A close second is "He's A Part of Me," Starling's tribute to the father he lost at the age of seven. The honesty in these two songs is characteristic of the
insightful, introspective lyrics throughout the CD.
"Worship and Praise" is a simple praise and worship song,
and "Holy Spirit" features a Richard Smallwood piano
arrangement and powerful strings that accentuate
Starling's desperate plea for God's presence and power in
his ministry. A choir backs Starling on "Lord We Have Come," a beautiful, worshipful song that hints at the sounds of saints praising God forever in heaven.
Though many of the songs tend to have a light, acoustic feel, making them sound a bit similar, there's enough variety to make the overall album a satisfying listen. Inside
Out also has great "crossover" potential—it will make a nice
addition to any Christian pop or gospel music library. After 10 years relatively behind the scenes, it's a treat to finally hear a full album of Starling on his own terms. - Christianity Today.com

From the very first note, Duawne
Starling's voice melts in your ears.
Between music and the pulpit, a decision was made centering that extraordinary gift towards the latter. Inside Out , the debut for Starling and new label, G.I.
(Gospel, Incorporated), delves into personal reflection, tributes to loved ones, and communicating the transforming power of Christ.
Influenced by the pure tones of Mahalia Jackson and Luther
Vandross, amongst others, Starling knew singing would be the
domineering force in his life, yet applied lots of classical training
throughout high school and college. Besides his contributions
alongside Michael McDonald, Nicole C. Mullen, and countless others, Starling has modeled for Ebony Fashion Fair and appeared in television commercials. Keeping abreast of the business side as well, Starling received a degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Recording Industry Management. His compositions have been featured on several Harborwood Records releases (Worship In His Presence, With This Ring, Vol. I, etc.). Starling credits his
mother for creating an atmosphere in keeping Christ first in everything, and his wife regarding the Lord's blessings in matrimony, as demonstrated in his composition, Finally I. - Gospel City.com

Known for his vocal virtuosity, Duawne Starling, who has supported artists such as Fred Hammond, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, Nicole C. Mullen, and many others through his contribution to their albums

Label: Website: http://www.gospelinc.com

Known for his vocal virtuosity, Duawne Starling, who has supported artists such as Fred Hammond, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, Nicole C. Mullen, and many others through his contribution to their albums, as well as their live performances, has released his debut solo project, Inside Out, through a partnership with Gospel Incorporated and Christian Records.
"God's timing is the only timing," states Starling. "I've been in the music industry for ten years, but this record could not have been done ten years ago, or even two
years ago for that matter. I have been vocally ready for years, but when I assessed where I was spiritually and compared it to where I was vocally, the two didn't
measure up. It's important to me to be whole in all areas because the last thing this world needs is just another singer. Now, God is the center of every experience. My goal in doing this project is to enlighten, encourage, and empower the people of God." Starling's distinctive vocals have been featured on projects for over a decade, and are considered to be among the highest quality in the industry. Now, after years of
seasoning, taking the recordings of other artists to the top of the charts, Duawne Starling takes center stage to share his own euphonious sound. The album’s first single, "Carried Away," is a breezy contemplation of the day
spoken of in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, when God returns to earth to take the saved to Heaven. "Free," says Starling, "is the song I really want people to get. Simply put, everything Christ needed to do has been done. We are the righteousness of God and because of Calvary are no longer bound by the law of sin and death. Jesus
Christ set us free." Amen to that!
Starling’s unique voice soars on "Lord We Have Come," a beautiful psalm of praise
celebrating the joy of going to God’s temple to worship Him. Starling feels honored to sing this song. "When I listen to it," he says, "I don’t hear myself, rather I hear the voices of both heaven and earth proclaiming the glory of the awesome God of the universe. When I tell Him how great He is, He takes up residence in my praises."
God will take up residence in your praise as you listen to this awesome CD. Get it - Insight Magazine

"Inside Out" is a surprisingly diverse and refreshing debut
project. Yet, considering Duawne Starling has spent the
past ten years lending his vocal and literary talents to such
superstars as Whitney Houston, Kirk Franklin and Michael
McDonald, it is perhaps not so surprising after all. A pleasing blend of smooth R&B and gentle pop with a smidgen of traditional Gospel tickling the edges, "Inside
Out" boasts a strong cross-genre appeal. Starling, who penned eight of the project's twelve cuts, displays the vocal chops of a seasoned performer, utilizing each style to its best advantage without losing his distinctive interpretation.
He segues effortlessly between the Latin-tinged, "Faithful," and the peace-evoking piano ballad, "He's A Part of Me." "Worship and Praise" sports a gentle bosa nova rhythm
while "All God's Children" careens headlong into funky soul-Gospel.
Lyrically, "Inside Out" is just as diverse. Starling feels equally comfortable whether delivering a song of exaltation or exhortation; praise and worship or supplication. Credit Starling with providing the sparkling vocal glue that binds
this diverse collection into a cohesive unit. - Word Crafts.com

After singing backup for gospel singing sensations CeCe Winans, Donnie
McClurkin and Kirk Franklin for almost 10 years, along with an appearance
on Kelly Price's CD Priceless, first-year Howard University School of Divinity
student Duawne Starling feels it is his time to take center stage.
Loaded with what he calls "feel good music," Starling's debut gospel album,
Inside Out, is now in stores.
"Duawne's CD has something for everyone, Christian or not," said Traci
Brown, a first- year Divinity student.
Starling is aware of the fact that gospel albums sometimes fail to reach a
wide audience, but says the album should not deter those who do not prefer
gospel music.
"I want everyone to like the CD because it's universal," he said. "It talks
about life situations such as death and marriage."
Starling described songs on his debut album like "All God's Children" as
urban and "Carried Away" as pop. However, he said that if a song doesn't
encourage, enlighten or empower, it doesn't make the final cut.
"I'm inspired to carry out the ministry, not just to entertain," he said.
The upbeat track "All God's Children" brings to light the fact that everyone is
more alike than different. Yet songs like "Free" and "There" encourage
listeners to drop old habits in order to get right with God and live a
righteous, fulfilling life.
In the fall, Starling hopes to promote his CD by being the opening act for
the Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin tour. For certain, however, he can be
seen at Megafest in Atlanta this summer, an event hosted by Bishop T.D.
Jakes June 23-25.
Additionally, Starling will be at Unifest in Washington, on the National Mall
June 5-6. In the meantime, however, Inside Out can be purchased at any
Tower Records store, Amazon.com and many Christian bookstores. - thehilltoponline.com


Inside Out - 2004
Duawne Starling "Self titled" - Oct. 18 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


As a singer Duawne (pronounced Du-wan) has been featured on some of the most successful selling Gospel projects of all time with the likes of; Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, CeCe Winans, Out of Eden and Bishop T.D. Jakes. As a writer and producer, He has penned songs like the title cut for the popular wedding CD “With This Ring.” Now, after years of seasoning, taking
the recordings of other artists to the top of the charts, Duawne Starling takes center stage to
share his own euphonious sound. Though classically trained, Duawne has spent the majority of his adult life singing along side some of Gospel
music’s most prominent artists. Duawne has walked the runway as an Ebony Fashion Fair model while adding to his credit television commercials
and stage acting. After transferring from Oakwood
College, he earned a degree in Recording Industry Management from MTSU in 1993. The summer after graduation he hit the road with one of music’s largest world tours, Whitney Houston’s Body Guard tour singing with Angie and Debbie Winans.

The honest expressions and moving experiences of this very talented young man, transmitted through his music, carry a certain quality and unshakeable integrity that should go over well with an increasingly fickle and demanding market.