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DUB was born in Dallas, Texas, on the south-side of the city known as Oak Cliff. Like most major cities, this is the predominately black and economically disadvantaged part of town. His story is one about survival in a city we know little about called Dirty Dallas: aka Dayton Dallas, aka Tripple D, aka DF DUB. If you haven’t been to Dallas, you haven’t been to TEXAS. It’s a city of glass sky-scrapers, flash and cash. Underneath all the glitter, there is DUB CITY and that’s where his story begins.

Appearing on numerous underground mix tapes, DUB’s barrel-tone voice sets the stage for the bass-heavy rhythmic tracks that tells a story of the New South. The lyrics lace the music with precision and paints a vivid picture of street life, dirty money, death and betrayal. His music is heavyweight and his personal charisma says he’s a veteran in the game.

“The first artists that influenced me and spoke to my way of life was 8Ball and MJG’s “Coming Out Hard” and UGK’s “Too Hard To Swallow”, says DUB. “They represented the south; they represented us. Hip hop has its roots, but these are our roots. That’s what people feel in my music. You can feel my passion for Texas and Dallas. I’m all about coming from nothing, trying to get it. ”

In 1997, DUB’s cousin was murdered in Dallas after he started a clique called 247. “247 was our get money clique,” says DUB. “His death gives my music life, so I started 24K Music. Most dudes just rap, I’m giving you the story of our lives. I’m the voice of the streets. 247 for life!”


Leaders of A New South
The Gun Show
Time Is Money
Band Of Brothers
Back To Bidniz
Dallas S.W.A.T
The Saga Continues
Code Red
Hush Money
Dub City EP Coming Soon

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