Germantown, Maryland, USA
BandEDMNew Age

people are dancing...to what sounds at first like a dj spinning deep house, minimal and techno...look though the guy there isn't spinning...it is actually live electronic music... that flows like a dj set. it unfolds before you as it is composed in the moment on high-quality electronic instruments.


after performing in Japan as a guitarist for a few years, chad boutin returned to the USA determined to combine guitar playing with electronic rhythms, which led him to form dubathonic in Chicago. steady gigs of chillout music, though satisfying, deepened his commitment to bringing heavier and more danceable grooves to clubs, leading him to focus more exclusively on electronic dance music in recent years. dubathonic, which sometimes features other performers, is based in the washington dc area.


Stream Steam & Leaf at http://dubathonic.bandcamp.com/

Live performance excerpt released as live album in spring 2012. includes 10 original tracks spanning the end of the pre-party to the beginning of the party.