Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA

Dubbest (pronounced "dah-best") brings a fresh high energy fusion of roots reggae combined with experimental improvisation and good vibes, creating an original and driving sound; combining powerful jams with with a new prospective on dub.


All the members of Dubbest have been close friends, at least since high school. We had all switched off roles in many bands together, and finally in February 2009, we came together to form a dub reggae group, which we had all been anticipating. Our musical roots in punk and hardcore helps us to channel a high energy feeling, while retaining the easy-going attitude found in reggae. Behind all of that, we have gained infinite influence from all kinds of music, from jazz, classical, bluegrass and blues, to trance, rock, funk and jam bands. Myspace.com/dubbestreggae


The Stretch

Written By: Dubbest

External experience will forever have influence on footing of mind;

On each step you keep an eye.

But internal energies shall not be leeched from by any parasite,

Earthly or otherwise.

Surround yourself in white light.

Do you read me when I say?

Have eternal solidity when working with infinity.

We limit with our minds, translating into space and time.

We’re looking for the enemy, or searching for the remedy,

just take a look inside, and let it all into the light.

Surround yourself in white light.

Do you read me when I say?

Andy's Theme

Written By: Dubbest

Walked the long way home, never mind the cold; never mold the kind... Bold enough to glide. Why chide my stability? I'll walk into infinity and smile... But theres always another side; and when you get there, if you feel that you've reached the bottom... Don't dig your hole. Don't just sit there, when you've reached the bottom, get control.


-We Could Come Up With EP: 2009 (unreleased)

- Off Dubbat LP: 2010

-Live in Bridgewater (2010) streaming on http://www.archive.org/details/DubbestLiveAtTheCongregationalChurch3-13-2010

-http://dubbest.bandcamp.com/ (new album preview)

-Local Roots Radio: 2 live performances on air, regular airplay.

-WBIM: (Bridgewater State College Radio) Regular airplay, interview.

-Westfield State College Radio: regular airplay, interiew.

Set List

Andy's Theme
High and Dry
The Stretch>Sober Livin'>Lost Ruby
Under Mi Sensi (Barrington Levy cover)
Palm Tree
Crater Dub
Small Axe (Marley cover)

We usually play from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, filled mostly by originals, and usually one or two covers. We create dynamic set lists with moments of high energy, and moments of ambience.