Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies

Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies

 Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies plays "rock with true meaning". Led by David DiPilato, a.k.a. Dubble D, who also plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals, the KJ's came onto the rock scene in July of 2010 when they released their first CD entitled "What's On The Way". They play with lots of passion.


Our story is simple. Formed by lead singer- songwriter and rhythm guitarist, David DiPilato, a.k.a......Dubble D, Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies began their rock journey in Dubble D's basement many years ago. Dubble D spent many years writing songs and jamming with several local musicians in the Central Massachusetts area, including bass guitarist, David Kendrick.

Dubble D & drummer Steve Shaughnessy hit it off instantly due to their mutual love for their favorite band, The Rolling Stones. The Stones have had a major influence on their music,Dubble D's songwriting and guitar style and for Steve's drumming technique.

Lead guitarist, Rich Dacier began jamming with Dubble D and Steve several years ago and soon becaming interested in Dubble D's songwriting and music. The guys formed the band in April of 2009 just before embarking on their first CD project, What's On The Way". They developed and perfected the songs during the summer of 2009 before going into the stuio to record the CD in October of 2009. The CD was released on July 16th, 2010 and since then the band has enjoyed its success and has been playing out in local clubs in the Central Mass area.

The band plans to continue playing local area clubs this coming winter and will begin work on their second CD sometime next spring. They expect to release their second CD by early 2012.

One of the band's many goals is to have one of their songs featured in a famous movie or on a TV show!


1st CD - What's On The Way

single - Foolish Pride - to be released within the next month

single - For Awhile - to be released within the next month

Set List