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Dubbs Lane

Laurel, Maryland, United States

Laurel, Maryland, United States
Band Hip Hop


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"Sonic Bids Dubbs Lane"

"Over the time of being away, I received an email from a rep for Dubbs Lane; this was THE BEST artist email I have EVER received! Mad respect to the people behind him - and thanks for hipping me to a new site, lol" -CathrynMarie

"The Laurel, Maryland, Hip-Hop Artist is actually rather good (for the record, I have NO problem with telling someone their music sucks, lol). He's good on a level that he may actually get slept on though because he doesn't stand out. " -CathrynMarie-

"He seems to have the right people behind him aka people who know what they are doing, so I bid he will be okay! =)" -CathrynMarie

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- Music Marketing 101 by Cathryn Marie

"Dubbs Lane Interview on Newbloodmusic.net"

Dubbs Lane is one of the hottest new artists right now coming out of the DMV, he is an artist that wrote, produced, and arranged his first couple of mixtapes. So he is definitely an artist to look for in the upcoming year. I recently had a chance to speak with this artist and he is the truth. So lets see what he is about.

So where are you from?

Originally I’m from Baton Rouge, La Jigga City, although I have been living in the DMV for the past eight years.

I see that you music is based off of situations in your everyday life. What is one of your songs that has really embodied this statement and why?

I think one of the songs that mostly embodies my life is Hip Hop Game. Reason being, it explains how I came to be an artist. Starting from a kid who viewed rapping as his ticket out the hood. Many people have doubted me as an artist, so I had to learn how to persevere in the face of adversity. If listen to my songs you will see I wasn’t no different from any other children from the hood. I just used the talent God gave me to get out.

What are some of your influences growing up?

I know it might sound corny but my Dad. He taught me how to conduct myself as a man in any situation.

What made you decide that you wanted to rap?

The first time I seen the video for “It Takes Two” by Robb Bass. I knew then this is what I wanted to do. People were following him around that video and was just having a good time. I just wanted that feeling.

Was it a difficult task doing everything yourself on your first Mixtape?

Yes. My first mixtape was rough. I didn’t know how to record/mix/master a recording, nor did I know the proper studio etiquette. All I knew how to do was rap. Luckily I knew some people who thought I was talented and took an interest in me. They took me under their wings and showed me the in’s and out’s around a studio.

What are some artists that you would like to work with in the industry?

I’m trying to establish myself in the industry. I am willing to work with anyone who can help make my brand more viable. Most importantly, someone who can push me as an artist to my creative limits.

You are a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it seems you reside now in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), what have you noticed are the biggest differences between the two hip-hop scenes?

The biggest difference that I have seen is the presentation of the music. We all know the same things go on everywhere in the world so the subject matter of the songs are the same. Its just the lingo is different. In Baton Rouge, you have Jiggin Music which is your feel good party records. In the DMV you got Go-Go, DC/VA and House music in Baltimore. In Baton Rouge you also got your Ratchet Thug music which is your everyday life struggle music. In the DMV you find the same types of artist. The biggest difference is the vocabulary. Different regions say different things.

What is your focus and goals with your music?

My focus with my music is simple. I want to make good music! Good Music is like Fresh Air…accepted everywhere. My goals are just to take care of my family and provide away for my team and myself to live comfortable as different opportunities presents itself over my career.

How would you describe your style/ sound to people?

Its hard to describe my sound, since its always changing. I try to make sure I don’t sound like anybody else. Individuality is hard to achieve since the industry is so saturated. The best way I can describe my style: As a Conscience Minded Rapper with D-boy Swagger, infused with a B-Boy’s Heart.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on Welcome to Myspace Vol2: Thoughts Lyrics and Music, Welcome to Myspace Vol3, Grimey 90 Mixtape Series, and Collabs. Also I’m working on my new blogsite 3F1’s (Fans Friends and Family) 3f1s.blogspot.com

What's your goals for the rest of 2008 and 2009?

Living to see end of 2008 and the start of 2009! My goals for the 2009 are to used what I learned in 2008 to put myself in a better position in 2009. I have a couple of business ventures with my partner of Fresh Air Entertainment that we are trying get off the ground in 09’. I am really focused to further establish Fresh Air Entertainment and the Dubbs Lane’s brand.

What do you feel separates you from the next artist trying to make it in rap?

I actually care about what I say. I understand the power of words. I know that with this career comes responsibilities. I know that my music can affect a person’s life in a positive/negative light. I try to keep the in mind when I’m making up lyrics. Also, I try to be a forward thinker. I know the average rap career is about 2-4 years, so I am trying to use this as a platform to catapult me in other venues. Look at all the successful rappers that have transitioned from rap to not just clothes/film, but owner movie production companies/sports franchises. Those artist have shown me that a career in rap is only the beginning. With that said, what separates me is the fact that I am coming into the game with an understanding that I shouldn’t limit myself to just rap.
- Rashod Harris

"Introducing Dubbs Lane"

Now this is Dubbs Lane and I encourage anyone who doesn't know who this man is to go and read about him through the above bio and hit his links.

Dubbs hit me on MySpace well over a year ago! I listened to his music and I was really liking what I was hearing!! I had seen him on stage a couple times before I introduced myself! And when I did it's been love ever since!!

This man gives one hell of a show. He is more than an emcee, he is an entertainer!! Don't give him a cordless mic because he will get off stage and go through the crowd. He tries to get the crowd to interact with him and he succeeds to the fullest!!

I have seen him perform at so many different venues and every time he gains respect from his peers and new fans at every show! I am so happy to have my own Dubbs Lane cd!! I think you should go get yours. I don't think you will be disappoint at all!! The link is right up there!! It's free!!

I love Dubbs Lane!! - http://baltimorepaparazzi.blogspot.com


Welcome To Myspace Vol 1 (September 2007)
My Life Piece By Piece (April 2008)
Everybody Hates Chris..but Loves Dubbs (July 2010)
My 9 to Five is a Hobby (TBD 2011)



Dubbs Lane was born C. Lanehart in one of the poverty stricken neighborhoods on the North Side of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The efforts of his mother and father made it possible for him to rise above the crime on the streets and focus on music. By the time he was nine years old he listened to Rob Bass' "It Takes Two", which he memorized verbatim. Initially, rap was a form of entertainment for Dubbs, but when he started writing his own lyrics at the age of ten, rap became his secret passion.

Possessing a "Do it yourself attitude", Dubbs recorded, mixed, and produced his latest project "Welcome to Myspace Vol. 1". Keeping in mind that at the time of completion he was still an unknown underground artist, he decided to make it a free download available through his myspace music page. Through heavy promotion and dedication, Welcome to Myspace Vol. 1 has been downloaded well over 2,500 times from September 2007-March 2008. Welcome to Myspace Vol. 1 served as a platform for Dubbs Lane to increase his visibility in order to build the necessary buzz he needed to have his name mentioned as of one the "Fresh Faces" of the industry.

With the strong will instilled in Dubbs Lane from his parents, he is no stranger to "paying dues". Without any representation to book shows for him, he personally sought out promoters with his demo and performed on spot auditions, in hopes of being put on the performance bills of future shows. As a result of his tenacity he can be seen constantly performing at various open mic nights and underground shows around the DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area. Through his dedication, he has become a frequent performer at The Turntable Hip Hop Club, The Black Hole Club, The Sonar, and The Penguins just to name a few. His most notable performances to date were Spotlight Live in Time Square New York for the 50 Mics Tournament Challenge. Most recently he became an East Coast finalist on The Source Magazine Unsigned Hype Tour.

Dubbs Lane has evolved from humble beginnings, making song parodies and mix-tapes, to starting a record label with the help of a childhood friend. As a partner of Fresh Air Ent., C. "Dubbs Lane" Lanehart thrives on overseeing the completion of albums that can be listened to from start to finish without ever desiring to skip a song. With the state of instability that the Hip Hop industry is in, Dubbs Lane is eagerly waiting to tackle the task at hand. Dubbs Lane has been profoundly influenced by Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Master P, Ice Cube, and Cash Money. He often uses their success and business savvy as a blueprint for starting his own corporation from the ground up and turning his brand into a household name someday. He is a driven perfectionist and it shows in his various music endeavors.

-Jackie Stien-
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