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Atlanta, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF | AFM

Atlanta, GA | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2010
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"Music Video: Dubby – Welcome To The Show"

“Attending a live show can really influence the listerner in becoming a true fan, just by you’re live performance. Dubby of Team Loko brings us his visuals for his latest release WELCOME TO THE SHOW, fresh off his Corpus Callosum mixtape. The video shows us how it’s exactly like when Dubby hits the stage. You can tell Dubby brings alot of energy into his performance and what about his project though? It’s definitely worth a listen. So far my favorite tracks from his mixtape are Room, Fixx, Vagabond, and of course Welcome To The Show! I find his music to be on another level. Starting with his choice on production to the concepts based right out of his actual life. Stay tuned for more from Dubby and don’t forget to download Corpus Callosum brought to you by an inspiring artist from a small town called Gettysburg.” - NikkiSiixx

"Music Review: Dubby!"

“Overall, I was truly impressed with Dubby’s latest project. I enjoyed how the artist switched up vibes on most tracks and had DIVERSITY throughout the project. I feel that this was complimented by a different producer for each song. After listening to the full tape, I think that Vagabound was my favorite song by far. The lyrics within Vagabound painted a truly amazing story, which caused me to replay a few times before continuing to the following tracks.” - ACollegeRooftop.com

"New Music: Dubby of Team Loko – Money Pools Ft Wayne Chapo of FTR"

[PENNSYLVANIA] Check out the latest single from Dubby of Team Loko with MONEY POOLS featuring the Detroit native, Wayne Chapo of Full Time Real (FTR). Inspired by a trap production by Scott Supreme from the UK. Last time we featured Dubby of Team Loko was when I featured his visuals for WELCOME TO THE SHOW, fresh off his Corpus Callosum mixtape. The collaboration between Dubby and Wayne Chapo mend well together. The overall vibe is straight krunk. MONEY POOLS can definitely be played at a club or crazy house party. - NikkiSiixx

"Video Premiere: Dubby of Team Loko – “24/7″ ft. Tay Marie"

South Central Pennsylvania artist, Dubby teamed up with Philly artist Tay Marie to create a pop-drill style banger that will be featured on Dubby’s up and coming EP entitled “Heart & Havoc”.

Produced by Cash Jordan / Visuals – @BradleyAtom - UndergroundHipHopBlog.com


This visuals of Dubby’s newest cut are so visually matching to the song I couldn’t help but enjoy it. One thing about videos these days is they sometimes miss the essence of what it means to have visuals that match the content of the song & Dubby didn’t disappoint in that department so peep it down below! - FLYFASHO

"Video Review: Dubby of Team Loko (Gettysburg, PA) – “The Room” prod by. Cash Jordan"

Home / Reviews / Video Review: Dubby of Team Loko (Gettysburg, PA) – “The Room” prod by. Cash Jordan
Video Review: Dubby of Team Loko (Gettysburg, PA) – “The Room” prod by. Cash Jordan
Posted by: undergroundhiphopblog in Reviews July 15, 2014

When it comes to simplicity, cohesiveness, quality visuals & most importantly great music the first person that comes to mind is Dubby of Team Loko. With his most recent highly anticipate music video titled “The Room” he has been able to turn thousands of heads in the LA underground Hip Hop community& all over the nation. This music video speaks for itself, allowing all Hip Hop fans to instantly attach themselves to the video and really absorb the song.
The props and concept is almost exactly what any fan would picture even if there wasn’t a visual to back up the song. With the flood of Hip Hop music videos we come across on a daily basis it seems the majority of indie artists have lost their touch on how a music video should be produced. So speaking for Dubby he knows exactly whats in demand for 2014 and moving forward.
This music video is really professional and crisp especially finding out it was shot literally in a small bedroom with limited resources and budget. For all you stupid rappers out there who really feel that a big budget music video will break you into the scene, well think again!. Dubby has set a bar for all music videos out there and we hope that he continues his path towards success in the Indie Hip Hop game.
https://soundcloud.com/dubbyofteamloko - UNDERGROUNDHIPHOPBLOG.COM

"Waiting For My Kingdom to Come: Dubby's Game of Thrones"

The kid’s got serious flow, as illustrated by his video for “Game of Thrones,” a track which reminds me rhythmically of Brother Ali, and his ability to speed up and slow down his delivery while maintaining a steady flow. - Hear Hear Music

"Music Video: Dubby of Team LoKo - Jesse James (Most Wanted)"

Dubby of Team Loko has been staying busy since he created the 9 O’Clock Drop which began on October 1st and will continue throughout the month of October. Every Tuesday night Dubby will release new content either song or visual right at 9:00pm. Dubby’s first week showcased his visual of JESSE JAMES (MOST WANTED). I’m really feeling the production by Sinima Beats. It definitely gives off the old western bad boy vibe. Due to the fact, the track is based off the infamous outlaw Jesse James. Dubby stays descriptive and stays within the story.

"Tumbleweed blown, six shooter and a sheriff badge
Circumstance, Jesse had the shotty and the contraband
Arrival in the west he was America’s most wanted man
Gun in hand, loved to shuffle Benji’s in a duffle bag" - nikkisiixx.com

"Dubby, “The 9 O’Clock Drop”"

Caleb Joyce a.k.a. “Dubby” hails from Gettysburg PA: the same historically monumental town where Pres. Lincoln delivered that “four score & seven” speech. Mr. Lincoln’s long gone, though. And a new spokesman is needed.

Enter one Dubby. He used to be into the hard rock stuff (Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Papa Roach), but in more recent years, he has gravitated to hip hop. Now we have five such tracks for review…

After 30-odd seconds of suspenseful spoken-word, the track “Jesse James” launches into freestyle mode. It’s a stellar hip-hop tribute to this infamous American badass, who “rode a stallion” as well as “a broad from the saloon with leather boots and her camel waxed.”

Regarding the track “Katniss,” I honestly don’t what a “katniss” is, but the lyrics still delight me. Memorable moments include a “hoe violent on the pole,” as well as the “gynecologist” speaker, who encourages her to “put [her] legs where [his] collar is.”

The track “Mother Nature” launches with an energetic synthesizer buzz. Seems like there be a bit more mixin’ with this tune. I dig it. Am particularly a fan of the tweaking put on the lyrics: “I swear we workin’ on it.”

The track “Mr. Stimpleton” begins with caressing female background vocals. I feel like taking a bubble bath! Eventually Dubby himself takes the forefront. Pay special attention to the part that starts at 1:04. I believe that he’s in his best form here.

Oh my, the track “Pompeii” offers the wildest arrangement of sounds yet! There’s definitely some serious vigor here. It’s also pretty clever to use the world’s most infamous volcanic explosion as the title for a song in which the speaker is “about to blow up.”

Dubby has a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/burgcityman), and he’s also launching a series called “The 9 O’Clock Drop.” Each Tuesday night at 9, he will “drop a brand new song or music video.” And by the way: “These [songs] will all come with free downloads from Soundcloud, as well as individual graphics and lyrics.”

The lineup looks something like this: Oct 1: “Jesse James”; Oct 8: “Mr. Stimpleton”; Oct 15: “Pompeii”; Oct 22: “Mother Nature”; Oct 29: “Katniss”.

And even if it ain’t Tuesday, other options do exist…

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dubbyofteamloko

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DubbyOfTeamLoko?directed_target_id=0

Reverb: http://www.reverbnation.com/burgcity

By: Ray Cavanaugh – owleyesgatsby@yahoo.com - Skope

"Throwback Thursday Ep.1"

Pennsylvania emcee Dubby (of Team LoKo) drops a freestyle verse over Craig Mack‘s “Flava In Ya Ear” instrumental. With sick flows, a menacing demeanor and ill display, Dubby serves up this throwback jam well and presents it with some nice visuals. - Hip-Hop Speakeasy

"Watch: Dubby- "Gasmask""

Gettysburg, Pa emcee Dubby has released a visual for his track "Gasmask". The video was put together by Elevated Visuals. With a versatile flow and an intense energy from bar to bar, this track quickly peaked my interest. Claiming "death to all the haters, ima put the flag at half mast", it is apparent this artist and team Loko are attempting to make a statement within the art. Dubby released a project in september last year, entitled "The Showcase". Check the video below and stay tuned for more from this Pennsylvania representer. - paulmeara.com

"[ALBUM REVIEW] Dubby – Heart And Havoc"

[SOUTH CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA]Today’s the day, where Hip-Hop Artist Dubby of Team Loko debuts his long awaited album Heart & Havoc. The nine track project takes us deep within Dubby’s life. With just the first listen you know this is definitely a solid project. Through the last few months, we’ve been featuring Dubby with collaborative projects and now we see him on his own. With a help with features from Cal Mobley, M. Maggie, Semmi, and Choo Jackson.

My favorite tracks off of Heart And Havoc are Brother, Leading The Lost, Chase, Time Machine, Oracle Arena, Lemmi Know, and Loosen Up My Tie. I will be reviewing my favorite tracks and why they really stand out to me.

[01. BROTHER] This might be the most intense song I’ve heard in awhile. Dubby opens up about his closest friend who he saw like he’s brother, dealing with mental issues. He felt more he’s brother was dealing with demons because of how crazy it was. You can hear Dubby’s passion with his demeanor on BROTHER. I can visualize what Dubby went through, he has a way with words and how can you not see it.

[02. LEADING THE LOST] Dubby can also get melodic, which is not a bad thing at all. The track also features Cal Mobley. I like when these artist collaborate with one another. I find them to make some pretty dope music together. The concept behind this track that if your actions inspire one to become more, you are a leader.

[03. CHASE] I can say this one has to be my favorite tracks off of Heart And Havoc. The overall ambience it brings is so majestic. But besides this song is epic, you have to see the visual to it. And here it is:

See more of what I thought about the visual with my reaction to watching Dubby’s music video to CHASE:

[05. TIME MACHINE] This is really another favorite off the album. The track also features singer M. Maggie. I really like the vibe to this one. Dubby explains the concept of this track “you can never truly hide from life’s demons. They live inside you. You must fight“.

[06. ORACLE ARENA] Dubby discusses his fight with demons. Doing things he’s not supposed to, lying, cheating, pretty much up to no good. The message behind this track is our envy lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy. I really like his flow on this one.

[07. LEMMI KNOW] Featuring Semmi, this track would fit perfectly in a club/party scene. This track is filled with fast hard-hitting bars. The track embodies the If I Ride, We Ride.

[08. LOOSEN UP MY TIE] Times can get rough and you find yourself searching for an escape from reality. You might be able to get away for a little by finding the right outlet. This track features Choo Jackson. Here’s where Dubby’s lyrics brings us a visual to his story. And also the hook is catchy.

dubby of team loko“This is the first time I’ve sold my music in 8 years. The last time was when I was pushing my mixtape for $5 in my high school hall way. The growth of the sound and the hustle have really paved the way for the TLA movement and I’m extremely proud and excited to finally have a project the exemplifies that growth. It’s been a long time coming.” -DUBBY

This concludes my review on Team Loko’s Dubby latest album Heart And Havoc. If you’re diggin’ Dubby’s Heart And Havoc Album, then you should definitely support the artist by getting your copy or stream it on Spotify. Make sure to stay in the loop of everything Dubby by following him on all his social media links below. - Nikki Siixx

"Gettysburg Rapper Drops First Solo ALbum"

This is an extremely long write-up by the newspaper. Please click the link and check it out. - Evening Sun News


Visit www.dubbygotbars.com to get all the latest TLA updates.

For Team Loko Apparel, visit www.lokoapparel.com for all the latest gear.



Born Caleb Joyce, I was raised in the small historic town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  Music was always a passion for me growing up, from drumming with pots and pans as an infant, to taking drum set lessons as a teen to performing in front of thousands of people.  

From the beginning, before I was Dubby, I would write a lot of new age rock music with heavy influence from bands such as Limp Bizkit, P.O.D, and Linkin Park.  My writing began making the transition to hip-hop around the 7th grade where my basketball team gave me the name C-Dub which became my stage name as a youngin.

Over the years, I surrounded myself with multiple groups (LBC & Burg City) in attempt to make a name in the industry.  It was the summer before my first year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania that I separated myself as a solo artist, going by the already implanted name, Dubby, to magnify my merge from the “group” scene and into the category of a solo hip-hop artist. 

During my experience as a college student, I began to gain quite a following as a musician.  As an entrepreneur, I created a positive movement for my following and called it Team Loko.  Team Loko has since been branded and turned into a collective LLC with a lifestyle clothing line called Loko Apparel as well as an event aspect that sponsors hip-hop showcases and other creative gatherings.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve dropped a handful of projects (chronologically ordered: FFDS, DUBBY, No Notes, The Leak, The Showcase, Corpus Callosum, Heart & Havoc, Fold Out Chair) as well as the 9 O’Clock Drop project series that has been an annual drop since 2012 on youtube.  I’ve also had the honor of opening for a handful of well-respected artists in the game such as Big Sean, Kid Ink, Caskey, Tyga, B.o.B, Futuristic, Chris Webby, Lil Skies, Cam Meekins and Talib Kweli.

In the summer of 2018, I plan to release my very second album on all major platforms entitled "TOWN".  This project is my pride and joy and has been in the works for over a year now.  "TOWN" will feature the likes of King Los, OnCue, Suzii, Semmi, Bryce Green, Chris Bivins & Sunnie.  The date for this project release will be 7/7/18!

There is plenty in store for anyone who's following the movement, from tour dates, to music videos to apparel releases.  Be sure to check out www.dubbygotbars.com as well as our team store.   

With a motivated team at my six and relentless determination, the possibilities are endless.  Prepare yourself.


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