Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



With a conscious voice & a revolutionary spirit, DUB DISTRICT will activate your mind & soul’s awakening. Lead by vocalist & songwriter Ras Daniel, DUB DISTRICT's musical vibration flows from the heart and is channeled through the heavens. Whether touring nationally in support of the underground success of their DUB DISTRICT LP & EP in 2008 & 2009; sharing the stage with international reggae acts, or working with pioneering Jamaican dub engineers; DUB DISTRICT brings an original and ever-evolving style of progressive reggae & dub music, while keeping a militancy for the purist-roots of the genre & culture. Representing a hundred+ shows, thousands of miles, & decades of musical experience! Based in "The Promised Land", Milwaukee, WI, America, DUB DISTRICT continues to establish themselves from the Great Lakes to the West Coast & are humbly gaining a growing National & International fan base.  DUB DISTRICT has truely earned themselves the reputation as a refreshing-force within the JAmerican and Global Reggae Community since 2006.

DUB DISTRICT is currently working on the release of their new album, “WITNESS” LP, featuring singles "TUFF TOWN", & "ROOTS", available soon forward on SON OF JAKUB Music and Productions! 

The heavy drum & bass foundation of DUB DISTRICT, reinforces the consciously charged lyrics, sometimes sung & sometimes chanted by frontman/vocalist/rhythm guitarist/songwriter/producer, Ras Daniel Engelking-Jakubowski.  
An active member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers, ASCAP, since 2008, Ras Daniel continues to hone his chosen profession of songwriting. From thought-provoking and spiritual, to potent, high-energy social commentary, He continues to touch on crucial issues that urgently need to be addressed in the world of music today.  
Ras Daniel's vision of spreading a message of love & unification of humanity through Rastafari Reggae music is important now more than ever before, with the knowledge that righteous music can make a serious impact on the people of the world.  
Each DUB DISTRICT performance thrives on all original set lists, that's often times improvised & free-formed, with World-Class guest backing-musicians, the result is an original combination of sound yet to be heard, with the atmosphere of a musical family affair!  
DUB DISTRICT continues to break down barriers & bridge the gap between the foundation of reggae music and the present day.  
Go ahead and feel Irie with DUB DISTRICT!  

DUB DISTRICT has shared the stage with: • Dr. Israel (NYC) – 6/09 at Owsley's in Denver, CO • John Brown's Body (Boston, MA) – 3/09 at the Miramar Theatre, MKE, WI • Macka B (London, UK) – 8/08 at Nicholby's in Ventura, CA • Mighty Diamonds (Kingston, JA) – 6/08 at The Malibu Inn in Malibu, CA; 11/09 at Mad Planet in MKE, WI; 4/2011 at The Goodland Reggae Fest in MKE, WI • Natty Nation (Madison, WI) – 3/08 at Stonefly Brewery, MKE, WI, and 5/2010 the Miramar Theatre, MKE, WI • Rudie Clash (Ft. Collins, CO) - 6/09 at Road 34 Bike Bar, Fort Collins, CO • Stir Fry (Denver, CO) – 6/09 at Owsley’s Golden Road, Denver, CO • Wadi Gad and Jahbandis (Oakland, CA) – 8/08 at Nicholby’s, Ventura, CA • The Wailers Band - 5/2011 at The Rave, Milwaukee, WI • Wadi Gad (Oakland, CA) - 8/08 at Nicholby's, Ventura, CA

DUB DISTRICT press: • Band of the Week, www.breakingandentering.net (12/28/2012) • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Cue Section and JS Online, Milwaukee, WI • Scene Magazine, Fort Collins, CO

DUB DISTRICT radio spots: • 88.9 FM Radio Milwaukee 414 Show, Milwaukee, WI • 91.7 FM WMSE Reggae Vibrations Show, Milwaukee, WI - including a live radio broadcast from Mad Planet • 92.9 FM KJEE Reggae Sound-Clash Show, Santa Barbara, CA • 94.1 FM KFSC Positive Vibrations Show, Visalia, CA • 94.1 FM WSSP Rubadub Radio Show, UW Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI

DUB DISTRICT has performed festivals and benefit shows: • The Goodland Reggae Fest 2010 and 2011, Milwaukee, WI • IMPACT Benefit 2011, Milwaukee, WI • Great Lakes Brew Fest 2010, Racine, WI • The Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest 2010, Madison, WI • Haiti Earthquake Relief Benefit 2010, Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI • SUMMERFEST 2008, 2009, and 2010, Milwaukee, WI • Steny’s Reggae Fest 2009, Milwaukee, WI • 3000 Pierce Street Block Party 2008, Milwaukee, WI • Beach JAM 2008, Bradford Beach House Milwaukee, WI • Darfur Action of Milwaukee Art Auction Benefit 2007, Milwaukee, WI • Moda 3 Board Fest 2007, Milwaukee, WI • Party on the Pavement Street Festival 2007, Racine, WI


Coming Sooner in 2012+DUB DISTRICT MEETS THE SCIENTIST +NEW NET RELEASE SINGLE "Tuff Town" and B Side, "Roots"+SON OF JAKUB Music and Productions 2012®©


+2010 LIMITED RELEASE, Dub District Live at Linneman's, Son of JAKUB Music and Productions 2010®©


+2008 LIMITED RELEASE+ Dub District Live at Nicholby's, Ventura, CA, HomeGrownGreen Records Dub District 2008®©

+2008+ DUB DISTRICT LP, HomeGrownGreen Records Dub District 2008®©

+2007+ The Riverwest Sessions EP, HomeGrownGreen Records Dub District 2007®©

Set List

+All songs written and arranged by Ras Daniel aka Daniel Timothy Jakubowski (ascap) Dub District SON OF JAKUB MUSIC AND PRODUCTIONS 2012®©
+Everything You Do Dub
+Idren of Jah
+Parasite on Patrol
+Big Dub
+Above the Falling Rain
+Cosmic Hymn
+Rastafari Rise Up
+Elyon El Shaddai
+Life Serious
+Look Around Listen Dub
+Mystic River
+Give Thanks
+Bridge Over Babylon