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"Rub-a-Dub Dub Goose"

One particularly shiny facet of our local music scene over the years has been the ANU’s Llewellyn Hall. While tertiary music graduates rarely thrash out simple, raw emotions while exuding pure cool quite like the occasional high school dropout does, they do often display musical integrity, depth, subtlety, and practised skill. Local reggae-based seven-piece DUB DUB GOOSE are no exception.

“One of the things about this band is that everyone has their own taste – we’ve all gone to the jazz school, we all compose a lot of music, so our tastes are very wide.” In the familiar surrounds of Lyneham’s Front Café, I caught up with Nick Combe, Sophie Chapman and Reuben Lewis, who make up the horn section in the band.

“We started a couple of years ago at the 2007 Moruya Jazz festival. It was just an impromptu jam session, but a reggae jam as opposed to a fast jazz jam.” One coastal jam led to another, and a more evolved Dub Dub Goose returned to the Moruya stage in ‘08. “For a while, we just jammed with instrumental stuff. More than anything, we’re searching for the [dub] groove.”

The next piece to fall into place was singer/songwriter Beth, also a friend from jazz school, whose lyrics brought a new dimension to the group and made them more accessible to audiences. “I think if we just played the kind of grooves in dub, we probably wouldn’t get as much of an audience, but a lot of Beth’s songs are slanting in a different direction.”

Not long after that, they played their first festival, Corinbank, but as Nick explains, “we’d only just started to put some tracks together and we didn’t have any recordings.” One year on, it’s almost time for Corinbank 2010, and Dub Dub Goose have just released their first album, The Goose is Loose. Recorded at a beach house dubbed named ‘North Durras Studios,’ the quality of the recording owes a lot to the setting in which it was done. “It was the most productive, most relaxed week ever. In the coast house, there was no money being ticked away; we had all the time in the world. We did it in five or six days and we’d allowed eight.”

With their first album successfully released and earning some well-deserved crumbs, Corinbank 2010 is where the band aims to cement their place in the Australian festival scene, which should allow them to move away from touring around smaller venues. Dub Dub Goose love the festival vibe and the large, attentive audiences that go with it. “Hopefully over summer, we’re aiming to do Woodford, Peat’s Ridge – it’s where it’s at, really. It’s where you get your exposure, it’s where you make your money, and you get Hare Krishna food too.”

Dub Dub Goose are a part of the awesome lineup at the Corinbank Festival, held over Friday-Sunday February 26-28 in the Corin Forest. Tickets still available through Greentix. - BMA Magazine

"Dub Dub Goose"

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“The Front Gallery & Cafe has a reputation for putting on unmissable evenings of good music, seven piece group local act Dub Dub Goose and support Andrew Walker did not disappoint.

Dub Dub Goose only officially formed this year, but this was not their debut at The Front. At first it seemed only a small crowd had made the trek out to Lyneham, but the atmosphere was relaxed as Andrew Walker wowed with his original tunes and collection of minor chord melodies. In a memorable moment he softly crooned ’I’ll protect you from all those bastard killer bees’ with an expression of absolute serenity. Walker’s simple lilting voice warmed up the audience for an evening of good music.

By the time Walker finished his set, the crowd had begun to grow and available seats had mysteriously disappeared. Dub Dub Goose was ready to go. The group features frontwoman Beth Monzo on guitar and vocals, Nick Combe with the saxophone, Reuben Lewis and his trumpet, Sophie Chapman on shiny trombone, Matt Lustri on guitar, Matt Sykes on the drums, Chris Pound with the formidably large double bass, and sometimes Grahame Thompson adding miscellaneous sound. They came together through the jazz school at ANU, but jazz is only one of many sounds incorporated in their act. Their songs are combinations of funk, reggae and ska, which created a frenzy of bobbing heads and dancing feet in the eventually packed out crowd. At one point, a girl beside me turned to her partner, telling him she was ‘just going to have a boogie’. This seemed a pretty inevitable response to Dub Dub Goose’s encompassing sound.

They played for a generous and satisfying 90 minutes. When the sweaty crowd wanted more Monzo stayed on for a few more songs, backed by Sykes and Pound. Her tunes had a different feel to those of the band’s – ‘Free Love’ was almost a rock/folk hybrid – and Monzo’s powerful vocals and intriguing lyrics kept her audience enthralled (and dancing) for as long as she wanted them in her grasp. By the end of the evening everyone was leaving with a damn good workout and an appreciation of what Canberra’s unique music scene has to offer. Keep an eye out for Dub Dub Goose playing around Canberra, and possibly for a CD when they head into the studio on October.”
- Fasterlouder


The Goose is Loose



Phat horn lines, deep grooves, original lyrics and wacked out song titles! They are currently gigging in support of their debut album "The Goose is Loose".