Dubioza kolektiv

Dubioza kolektiv

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Dubioza kolektiv consists of eight people; 4 vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys/ sampler, performing a fusion of dub, reggae, hard core and Bosnian ethno sounds.


Dubioza kolektiv is band from Sarajevo, Bosnia. founded in 2003. Record company Gramofon from Sarajevo (www.gramofon.ba) released Dubioza's first album in April 2004. Album was followed by 2 video clips. In December, new Dubioza kolektic CD is released: EP containing 2 new tracks (featuring famous dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Mush Khan from Pakistani-UK band Fun-da-mental) and 4 remixes from the first album.

The band played numerous concerts since beginning of 2004. including all Bosnian cities as well as some gigs abroad (including 2 concerts at Cultural Olimpics in Athens 2004.)

Dubioza kolektiv live act consists of 8 people: 4 vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys/ sampler, performing a fusion of dub, reggae, hard core and Bosnian ethno sounds.

Dubioza Kolektiv are: Adisa Zvekic, Brano Jakubovic, Almir Hasanbegovic, Armin Busatlic, Emir Alic, Alan Hajduk, Adis Zvekic and Vedran Mujagic.


Open Wide

Written By: Dubioza kolektiv/Benjamin Zephaniah


(Benjamin Zephaniah):
Open up yu mind mek some riddim cum in
Open up yu brain do some reasoning
Open up yu thoughts so we can connect
Open up fe knowledge an intellect,
Open up de speaker mek we blast de sound
Open up de sky mek de Bass cum down
Open up yu eyes mek we look inside
If yu want to overstand dis open wide.

Same tune is tunnin' fire burning
Mostar is still divided like Berlin
The guns are charging there is no time its urgent
Be wild hurry the bridge still falling

Open up your mind make some riddim' come in

What for, what comes out when the people can't get unite
And they even fight with no point behind?
What form your ears can't hear,
Your eyes can't see, your mouth can't talk
And you’re living in the fog

Respond, respond direct react to fact
Be aware of the track which always takes us back
Discover your roots and then teach the youth
To reach the truth do you need some more proof

Ruff freedom!

(Benjamin Zephaniah):
Open up de border free up de land
Open up de books in de Vatican
Open up yu self to any possibility
Open up yu heart an yu mentality,
Open any door dat yu confront
Let me put it straight, sincere and blunt
Narrow mindedness mus run an hide
If yu want to overstand dis open wide.

Same tune is turnin' fire burning
Bosnia is still divided Jerusalem
The guns are charging there is no time its urgent
Be wild hurry the bridge still falling

You act like a boomerang, I feel like hooligan
You never try to listen it the impact is imminent
Adrenalin hits me hard might just stop my hart
‘Cos I'm the Bosnian...And I fight!

Ruff freedom!

Keep Burning

Written By: Dubioza kolektiv / Mush

(Here) I come again with tha' new sharp lyrics
Comin' with by brothers ‘coz I know you gotta' feel this
Gotta' ill this, sometimes we got a best rhymes
In the best days

Livin' underground is the risk line, best life to live
Someone has the criminal behavior to give
Know I gotta live with those criminals
I'm sure life is short but I’ll live through it

So unlimited, non objective
Some people turn around their back to talk 'bout me
They think that they can trap me or back me
They can't black me!
Can I shoot them just delete them?
It's so hard to defeat them

Just comin' up comin' up
New fuck up is comin' in the town
Join the battle against the wicked ass mind
It’s the wicked ass time come with fast beast again Shoot them with my lyrics
Coz' I know they've never been
They need hard discipline
Something strong, for real
This crew from Bosnia will always live
Forever live what we have to give
Just another song, just another underground (hit)
Headz up, be strong keep it goin' on
Keep it tha' warrior song
Yes man, definitely man right upon time
Definition Bosnian we see an abused man

All things are relative
Some close to a negative
Rather join the positive
Relay on ya' relatives
Relay on ya' relatives
Rather join the positive
Some close to a negative
All things are relative

Double Talk Trouble Talk
Big time evil talk
Forked tongue song when the big eagle squawks
Sycophants dance when he brings his cheques
Hand of many lands plan to wring his neck
Cross the border - General Disorder...
He's toothless
Sold his heart to the starship Troopers
They're floating round in a hyped up space
Turn around face - Place in the arms race
No calm place now you paid ya dues
40 Pieces...
Go dwell amongst the faces backstabber
ISI spy with Dajjal One eye
American Pie for a piece of West Life
Presidential Chip G.I. Joe Gung Ho
Grab your gun bro... Head for the Sun Bro
A to the AK don't play homeboy
The army of Megiddo face the widow Makers
Sometimes I just choke and I'm broke
I feel wasted
Hearing just a lies and I’m slowly loosing patience
I try to define but I found just enslavement
Mind in the crime and the people locked in cages
Now listen up my man I'm the master of the lyrics
The man of revolution and I’m rising up your spirits
Stand close enough to me so we can build this
Energy is low ‘till we fire up the fitils
All the youth that's aware of illusion
All this "Copperfields" work in main institutions
Judges judge us now better press all your charges
Scenario is stopped before it's ever been started

Knowledge Power coming to the hour
Get up on the street and go and give the people Dawa
In this War of Roses time to crush the peace flower
Death will strike you down even in a Tall Towers

Bosnian Rastafaria

Written By: Dubioza kolektiv

The bosnian rastafary
In the middle of the country man
The heart of the bosnian rastafaria
Riddim' is full of culture ya'

What they gonna' do with our Bosnian styla'
We will show you how it goes on with our figta'
I wanna try to give
I wanna try to live
I wanna try to give now
Rollin that shitsmokin that shit -2x

Bosna Man

Riddim and the sound
That's bad, so bad
When they see me walkin' down the street
They can say:"Whatch this dread man,
He's odd, not a right man"
But I'm the righteous man
Say dem' a full man
They saw no concrete
See dem no warriors
Dem never freestyle
See dem don't move
Send dem a home man
Where dem a come from

Right now it comes from another town
(Stay) way far, far, far...

Full of passhana

What they gonna do with our Bosnian styla'
We want to try to give new sound from our minda'
We want to try to give new sound from our minda'
Because a lot of struglle
came from Angola
About that talkin, talkin, talkin
big Mandela
Because everything started from Afrika
And it will finish in aproud black Etiopia

Full of passhana


"Dubioza kolektiv" LP CD, Gramofon records, 2004.

"Open Wide" EP CD, Gramofon records, 2004.

Set List

80 minutes set.