Dubkore intends on keeping the integrity of the music while pleasing conscious minds and bringing hope to millions around the world.


Colin Llewellyn aka “Dubkore” was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. His introduction to music came at an early age and by way of the piano. A highly influential father encouraged him to take music lessons. His skills further developed and lead him to the silver medal, after his performance at the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission Music Festival and Arts Competition in 1979.

The versatile singer, songwriter and musician did not really see himself becoming a musician while growing up. His teenage years saw him highly in tuned with the dancehall music scene and most of his spare time was taken up by his home stereo system which eventually evolved into the Black Warriors sound system.

The new millennium gave Llewellyn a deeper passion for roots music as he wanted not just to entertain but to send a message and maintain the core values of reggae music. "The redemption of reggae music" as he terms it, has seen him team up with Goff, a fellow song writer and Bass player. The story is that Goff heard Colin sing during a sound check for an event. Goff invited him to join his band and soon after Colin's musical career was headed in a new direction. He subsequently took on the name "Dubkore" and has not looked back. His backing band, consisting of musicians such Bernard "Maaga Joint" Powell and Carvel "Glan" Walker, has had worldwide experience as well.

Dubkore has successfully created and cultivated a collection of unique lyrics and rhythms. He has also recorded and released many songs such as Veranda, Madda Earth and Same Routine. These songs were an integral part of his debut album Arrogant Man, released in 2010. The smash hit "Little Love Story," rose to the number one spot on several charts including RETV's MVP top ten. It remained on the top 20 reggae charts for over three consecutive months.

Dubkore electrifies his audience with a live brand of reggae heavily flavored by local musicians. This results in a sound emanating high energy and reminiscent of a roots rock experience. This passionate singer has toured all over Jamaica, California, Southeastern United States and the eastern seaboard. Colin states, "Remember, it's Marcus Garvey who said, 'Music is the highest communication known to man'. I believe my music will have a positive effect on people because of its originality.“ Dubkore intends on keeping the integrity of the music while pleasing conscious minds and bringing hope to millions around the world.

The Pick It Up Band consists:

Goff Andrews on Bass
Bernard "Maag Joint" Powell on the Drums
Carvel "Glan" Walker on the Keyboards
Courtland "Gizzmo" White on the Guitar


Released Hit Single "Little Love Story" in December 2009

"Little Love Story" made #1 on Re TV Top 20 Videos

Release Debut Album, "Arrogant Man" June 2010

Released Single "Same Routine" May 2010

"Same Routine" made #1 on Bess FM Top Ten Chart

Official Video for "Same Routine" released August 20,2010

"Same Routine" made #1 second week in a row on Bess FM Top Ten Chart - August 23, 2010

Set List

Bass Amplifier - Trace Elliot, Mesa Boogie or Ampeg
Guitar Amplifier - Fender
Keyboard Amplifier
Keyboard (2) - Korg Triton or Equivalent
Drum Set with Timbale
Vocal Mics x 4
Stage Monitors for 7 people
Stage Lights