Fresh and rough dub‘n‘breaks band has already played together with Rhythm and Sound + St. Paul Hilaire, Roni Size + MC Dynamyte, Togetha Brotha Soundsystem. During live performance every piece can be experienced like a trip: while rocking to the beat one also drowns in the sea of visuals.


Three of the band memebrs - Genys, Pablik and Eimis are working at the same music and video production company, where they create music and videos for commercials and art projects.

Drummer Marius is playing at some other bands in Lithuania and abroad. He is a proffesional jazz musician as he was engaged with music already during his school years. Atfer the school he continued studying in various musical high schools including Vilnius Conservatoire and Firda Gymnasium in Norway, and also he took part in numerous jazz fesitvals in Lithuania and abroad.

Pablik met music when he was six. He finished Balys Dvarionas music school and when he was 12 years old he started mastering guitar himself. After guitting school Pablik teams up a band "emtpi" with friends. Pablik continues teaming up new bands and several projects, one of them is "Bango Collective" - the band with the gypsy on the Mic.

Genys deejayed a lot and also participated in a famous in Lithuania hip hop band UZI, but mostly he deejayes in Lithuania and all across Europe -Belgium, Germany, Latvia and Sweden.

Eimis has finished MA in Vilnius Art Academy and participated in various symposiums and exhibitions. After theory and artistic activities he began to work as graphic designer in Idee Fixe.

Here, in the land of Dublicate, music is formed by four different stories of four different and yet so close people.
You can find here rare anf rough beats, bass guitar and electronic guitar, together with dub echo sounds on the top.
During the live performance every piece is presented like a trip to the inner world of "Dublicate".


www.myspace.com/dublicate has a streaming opportunity.

The single was released by "Overtone", (the earlier "Dublicate" project ) - "Give it again", at the Redbud Records. Track "Peace" (fresh version) was included to Matt B's compilation "Future Sound Theory" on Celestial Dragon Records.

Set List

Sets are up to 1 hour.
The sets are different from show to show, it depends on the circumstances and crowd energy. Usually we play music for dancing, but also can prepare set for chill out.
There are two possible setups:
1. Totally electronic set - 2 laptops, controllers, synths (Paulius, Genys & Eimis (visuals);
2. Drums, bass, laptop, synths (Genys, Paulius, Marius & visuals).