Dub Lounge International

Dub Lounge International


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Dub Lounge International's (DLI) live show is about as rootsy as they come. Ranging from original dancehall grooves to solid old school standards, guest vocalists are often invited to accompany their sultry 3-part harmony driven set. With a live-dub mentality, DLI empower listeners, and players alike and consider them involved in the creation of their sometime improv driven melodic meditations.

Beginning as a recording project co-produced by drummer Dan Lloyd, and bassist Norman Baker, the crew expanded their dub onslaught by enlisting Jon Kimball on guitar, Darin "Diamond Dread" Pearson on keys, and Naphtali Rashid on percussion, harmonica, and vocals. Having all played together with Winston Jarrett and his Solid Foundation Band, DLI continue sharing their blend of fair-trade organic roots while staying true to an original Jamaican sound.

Simply titled, "Dub Lounge One", their new record is a nice soundtrack for any fine day, daydream, or dream. Ezra Tosh (cousin of Peter), Winston "Flames" Jarrett, and Puddu Dawes (Revelutionary Dream Band) are consistent guests and all appear on the album among other indie legends as Bill Patton and Kojack Lemoune. One listen to "Dub Lounge One" proves that this is just the beginning of what promises to be a bright future for the Dub Lounge crew.


Dub Lounge International - Dub Lounge One (Ancient Vessel / Issue Music USA, 2009)

Wet City Rockers - (2003)

Set List

Dub Lounge International's ever expanding repertoir ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours. With all 5 members contributing compositions, DLI's set is filled with plenty of original music as well as their dubbed out renditions of Don Carlos, Max Romeo, Jacob Miller, the Ethiopians, Dennis Brown and Alton Ellis songs.