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DUNAMIS RECORDS has released what many believe to be the quintessential rap ministry album of this time. The author of the widely known Christian Mix Tape series DOUBLE PORTION is now back with his highly anticipated full length debut album entitled UNDER NEW M.G.M.T on DUNAMIS RECORDS. The UNDER NEW M.G.M.T album is an undeniable exquisitely produced masterpiece full of the word of God. UNDER NEW M.G.M.T is a power packed gospel rap album designed to bless and change the lives of all who hear it! This album is simply a must have for all. Please visit www.dunamisrecords.net for more information.

"The UNDER NEW M.G.M.T Album is Changing not only the face of Holy rap music, but music worldwide" – Vice President DUNAMIS RECORDS

As our FREE gift to you visit the DUNAMIS RECORDS website and click on the C.M.T link to download your free copy of the very popular Christian Mix Tape Series volumes 1, 2 & 3.

DUNAMIS RECORDS is a Christian based record label dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide through music of excellence. Here at DUNAMIS RECORDS we are bridging the generational gaps in our society and transcending across all genres. By the Dunamis power of the Holy Ghost, our music ministry is removing burdens and destroying yokes; bringing back the captives and freeing God's Folks.

DUNAMIS is the Greek word for power. Precisely it means miraculous power. DUNAMIS represents the power of the Holy Spirit that is resident inside of our lives when we ask Jesus to be the Lord of our life.

(3) But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: (4) In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.





Christian Mix Tape (C.M.T. ) Volume 1 (2004)
Christian Mix Tape (C.M.T. ) Volume 2 (2004)
Christian Mix Tape (C.M.T. ) Volume 3 (2005)

IRON SHARPEN IRON Volume 1 (2007)
IRON SHARPEN IRON Volume 2 (2008)


Dunamis Records is committed to the furtherance of the Gospel via various media outlets and forums in partnership with “The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords”. We at Dunamis Records are determined to fight the desensitization of sin, reach the lost at all costs and strive for excellence in everything we are associated with. Through your support you will help us solidify our vision of youth and adults that are on fire and inspired to live for God seven days a week! By the Dunamis Power of the Holy Ghost, our music is removing burdens and destroying yokes; bringing back the captives and freeing God’s Folks. For more information, please visit www.dunamisrecords.net



Dreyson S. Clark aka "DUBL PORTION" was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has been musically inclined since birth. Although Dreyson was raised in a Christian home, after the death of his father, he quickly indulged himself into the sinful lifestyle that was being promoted by several main stream rap artists at that time. Dreyson wrote his first rap verse in the spring 1990, “In any competition I’ll win; tougher than alligator skin…” From the spring of 1990 thru 1999, he was connected with several local rap groups spanning from Texas to South Carolina. His first rap concert was in the spring of 1993 at ‘The Bomb Factory’ in Dallas, TX. In Dallas Dreyson continued to grow in his talents as a rap artist. In the fall of 2000 Dreyson executively produced his first solo album entitled “Thursday the 12th Day B-4 Drama” it sold several thousand units and his life was changed forever.

In 2003 the Dreyson experienced a life changing event where he came very close to death, but LORD saved and blessed him. Even though his first full length LP had been distributed to several local stores throughout the city, the Spirit of God directed him to retrieve them from those stores. Armed with the Word of God, and blessed with a commanding and powerful voice with the precise ability to put together complex rhyme schemes; through Christ DUBL PORTION is bringing back the lost souls and leading Christians all around the world in an offensive attack against the enemy and his strongholds. The Lords’ divine planning allows DUBL PORTION to continue honing his skills as a holy rap artist, so that he remains an efficient and effective weapon for God’s Army in these last and perilous days and times. The Lords’ will shall be done!

“DUBL PORTION'S music ministry is changing the face of not only Holy Hip Hop music but all music worldwide.” - Vice President DUNAMIS RECORDS

2008 CHHHAA - Artist of the year
2007 CHHHAA - Mixtape Rapper of the year
N.C.G.A.G Nomination for Gospel Artist of the Year 2006
Numerous Radio and TV interviews
Radio airplay across the U.S. and abroad
Consistent tour dates throughout 2005 and 2006

DUBL PORTION'S music ministry has also been blessed to minister at the following venues:

Holy Hip Hop Awards
Fla.vor Fest
New Life World Ministries Funk Fest for Christ
Right Direction’s House of Radically Anointed Youth with comedian Akintunde
Youth Expo at the Colonial Center
Black Family Expo
Bethlehem Baptist’s Youth Rebirth Explosion
Kingdom Vision Church
Gospel Sing Out at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Gang Out at Finley Park
Midlands Technical College
Gospel Recording Artist Alisha Garrick’s Album release
Touch Of Joy Foundation
Spiritual Healing Ministries
1st Annual Youth BLAST
First Church of God Annual Community Festival

DUBL PORTION'S current project is his Sophmore album on DUNAMIS RECORDS entitled GODSPEED
Featuring the hot single "Rock Wit' Me"

DUBL PORTION is also the author of the widely known Christian Mix Tape series (C.M.T)