Dub Skin

Dub Skin


DubSkin is a 5 piece reggae/roots/dub band from Fort Collins, Co. After releasing "Love in spite of..." in June 08, DubSkin has shared the stage with legends such as Israel Vibrations and Culture and headlined shows of they're own across the nation. Their live show is not to be missed!


Dubskin is a 5 piece Roots/Dub Reggae band from Ft. Collins, CO. After forming in 2006, Dubskin released their debut album "Love in spite of...". The album is a nice mix of past and present creating a new version of a familiar sound and was recorded and produced by Derek Smith of Pretty Lights. Dubskin has just released it's second album ''No end in time'' that is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from www.dubskinmusic.com. The album was mixed/dubbed by Jason ''Jocko'' Randall of John Brown's Body. Dubskin has also toured hard in the past year sharing the stage with Burning Spear,Israel Vibrations, Morgan Heritage, The Itals, Midnite, Groundation, Mad Professor, Anthony B and more, along with headlining shows of their own across the U.S. Be sure to keep an eye and ear open for Dubskin coming to your area soon and we'll see you at the shows! Respect-


DubSkin "Love in spite of..." Released June of '08 is a top seller @ Digstation.com.

"No End In Time"
released august 2009
available at www.dubskinmusic.com

Set List

DubSkin typically does 1 to 2 sets of 75 mins each.
Their set lists consist of almost entirely original material, with the occasional classic cover.