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"Review of "Paper Freaks""

"Paper Freaks" is the new album by DubSound Distortion, who has creatively produced a new and invigorating funky R&B and sometimes experimental collection of original songs. The vocals have a nice range of style, as they can be sung as being funky, sweet and soft spoken, or as rhyming rap. This album has a dominant bass line throughout each track, which is a strong component to this style of music. Each song has a different vibe, as you may hear a track with a funky drum beat, rocking guitar chords, or the bass playing catchy riffs. Although there are no vocals on "Feel This," it represents a style of fast forward motion with experimental sound effects. On the title track "Paper Freaks," listen to the distorted vocals and the novel way they have experimented with the different types of sounds while the guitar is playing a steady beat. DubSound Distortion has created an original and inventive production by collectively combining a mixture of genres, and making this album a collection of unique material. For listeners looking to hear something new and in the style of funky R&B with a touch of experimental music, "Paper Freaks" by DubSound Distortion should be given a listen.
-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team

- RadioIndy.com

"Review of "Live From Rehab""

RadioIndy Review of "Live From Rehab" CD

"Live Form Rehab" by DubSound Distortion is high-energy funk/rock with lyrics dealing with the fight against inner demons. The overall sound is a nice mix of classic blues rock and a George Clinton style funk. The arrangements are lively and very raw. The rhythm section is tight. The guitar work is original and the lyrics are delivered with a vengance. Highlights include "Pigs Got Guns," which is funked to the max with a crazy beat, wicked bass line, wailing wah guitar and a powerful vocal performance. "Jack Daniels" takes you down south a bit with a killer blues riff. "Snow" wraps it up nicely with another crazy funk jam. If you like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, give this CD a listen.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
- RadioIndy

"Rocking the Big City"

Rocking The Big City
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Welcome an Oakland, NJ band, DubSound Distortion, to the small number of new bands getting national recognition. This young trio placed third in the Song of The Year contest which, along with VH-1’s Save The Music, is working to promote original music. Online platforms like iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, and internet radio are giving back to music lovers world wide an opportunity to hear diversity and originality. But because there are so many genres and media streams available, getting noticed has become just as difficult as broadcasting has become easy.
Placing third in The Song of The Year Contest will get DubSound Distortion some introductions to major record labels and publishers; but, the DSD band knows that the hard road to success is just beginning, and they are focused on the future. As they told the Oakland Journal, “We actually recorded “Live from Rehab” last fall, and I would have to say we’ve evolved quite a lot since then. We plan to do a recording within the next month or so of our new songs, and I think you’d hear a difference, a good difference - in both the song quality and how the band is sounding.”
Max Rudd on bass, Anthony Laido on guitar, and Ivan Rudd on drums are the band. Max and Anthony met in VMS middle school. They have a wide appreciation of music from Bach to Gwar, with major influences being the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and The Doors. The music has the passion and intensity reflective of their age, but the structure and timing display a more mature professionalism and understanding of musical composition. The Review Team at RadioIndy describes them as a mix of classic rock blues with some high-energy funk.
Original music requires the artists to put themselves at risk to rejection and is a daring enterprise even for adults. Friends at any age can often be the biggest obstacle when deciding to take a chance, to grow, to change. When asked if friends were supportive of their musical ambitions, DSD offered that the definition of a friend is someone who is supportive of your dreams. It was another indication that Max, Anthony and Ivan have the sensibilities needed to address both the artistic and business side of this profession.
They do have some role models in family members who have been in show business. Anthony’s dad and uncle were part of “Vague Nation”, listed as one of the Tri-States Best Unsigned Artists with a single “Love Like Fire” on a compilation album. Max Rudd in an email describes his familial influence saying,” They are the only reason I do this. I played violin for many years, from the time I was 9 years old. I played tons of recitals and concerts with my grandmother accompanying me on the piano. My grandfather graduated from Juilliard and was a professional trumpet player. He was awesome at “conducting” us. My parents took me to so many concerts from the time I was little - everything from the New York Philharmonic to the Metropolitan Opera to Ozzfest! My other grandparents are really into the arts too. My grandmother was a movie actress back in the ’50’s and then became a playwright, so all my life, I’ve gone to all kinds of theater too. So I’ve had many influences artistically. “
It’s not often that you can find a good union of music and words, and it’s another element that makes DSD stand out from the crowd. Originality is key in succeeding in the music industry, especially now as America has moved away from the boy band era. But it takes more than talent to make a living in an industry in flux. Kevin Lyman, who has been organizing Warped Tours since 1994, encourages young groups to strategize about the business side of music in the early stages. They need to understand all the revenue streams available such as merchandise and sponsorships, and that includes selling CDs and swag from the trunk of a car, the internet, or a folding table at a show.
Another piece of advice analysts are discussing is the rising importance of being able to put on a good live show. The drop in revenue from traditional sales has seen been offset by dramatic increase in profits from live performances. Young bands are encouraged to get out and play in public so as to continually improve their live show performances. This can often be more difficult in suburban settings where cover bands offer stiff competition for the limited venues available, but DSD does seek out local venues for playing. They are very active in NYC right now saying, “While we play locally when we can, we’ve definitely had many more opportunities in New York City. We have promoters contacting us regularly to play at a variety of clubs. We usually try to do one per month.” Denizens of NYC’s East Village would readily recognize some popular venues such as 169 Bar, also known as Bloody Bucket, and the Original Sessions Art House. They have also played the Sidewalk Cafe where everyone from Jeff Buckley to Suzanne Vega has performed, and where artists l - Oakland Journal


We have completed 2 CD's - "Paper Freaks" (10/08) and "Live from Rehab" (2007). Both are available on CD Baby (www.cdbaby.com), I-Tunes, and other digital downloading sites. All music is original, written by Max Rudd and Anthony Laido.

Max Rudd and Anthony Laido are the recipients of 17 songwriting awards as follows:

July 2009: 16th Annual Billboard World Song Contest: 3 Honorable Mentions for "Hard To Say", "Plain", and "Jesus Plays The Basketball"
May 2009: 12th Annual Unisong International Songwriting Contest: Finalist in Christian/Gospel Category for "Jesus Plays The Basketball".
March 2009: 2008 Great American Song Contest : Finalist in Christian/Gospel category for "Jesus Plays The Basketball".
Dec. 2008" Song of the Year Honorable Mention for "Jesus Plays The Basketball"
Oct. 2008: Song of the Year Runner-Up for "Daisy".
Sept. 2008: Song of the Year Suggested Artist for "Turtle True Blues".
Aug. 2008: Song of the Year - Finalist in Pop category for "Writing For You"
Aug. 2008: U.K. Songwriting Contest (2008) - semi-finalist in Rock/Indie category for "Hard To Say".
Aug. 2008: U.K. Songwriting Contest (2008) - semi-finalist in Christian/Gospel category for "Jesus Plays The Basketball"
Aug. 2008: U.K. Songwriting Contest (2008) - semi-finalist in Rock/Indie category for "Psychedelic Lizard"
Aug. 2008: 100% Music Songwriting Contest (2008) - honor award in Rock Category for "Hard To Say"
Aug. 2008: 100% Music Songwriting Contest (2008) - honor award in Urban/ R&B Category for "Jack Daniels"
July 2008: Song of the Year - Runner Up for "Turtle True Blues"
June 2008: Song of the Year - Honorable Mention for "Jesus Plays The Basketball"
Feb. 2008: Song of the Year - Finalist in Rock Cateogry for "Psychedelic Lizard"

RadioIndy.com recognized DubSound Distortion with a Gold Artist Award and a GrIndie Award for "Live From Rehab".

**DubSound Distortion was voted the Listeners' Favorite on Pongid Radio for November 2008! DubSound was also chosen to be a Featured Artist on Pongid Radio for May 2008. (www.pongid.net)



We love music as a whole. Everything from Bach to Gwar has influenced us. We don't stand apart from bands, we stand with them. There is an essence and influence we share, but the soul of our music stands alone.