BandHip HopReggae

We're live hip-hop reggae and dancehall with a likle drum and bass....wicked!


Pop Culture is manufactured, marketed., and sold by and for the economic gain of W.A.C.(weak and corporate).
Youth Culture is a spontaneous movement that threatens W.A.C. and if not properly quelled, will hinder all of W.A.C.’s plans and efforts toward global domination.

The challenge for W.A.C. is therefore to monitor movements of youth culture and replace them with our own imitation W.A.C. versions. (hip-hop =Bling bling punk=Avril, and reggae=cruise ships). In this manner , for decades, has W.A.C. suppressed several “would be� revolutions. (Bob Marley, The Clash, Public Enemy, are traded for Shaggy, Blink 182, and Nelly)

The following is a TOP SECRET file on DUBTEX; A group of individuals whose collective experiences, influences , faiths, & philosophies are manifested in a dynamic package of: hip hop/reggae/dancehall/DNB with conscious lyrics. The radar of legitimate, system threatening, innovative youth culture is registering again.

DUBTEX is fully aware of W.A.C. and its efforts. They will stop at nothing to completely destroy all agents and elements of W.A.C. They are highly skilled “scientists of sound� and should be considered dangerous to W.A.C. and the illusion we protect.

The musical, psychological, and spiritual works of DUBTEX were experienced at events with huge names in reggae and hip hop. Sean Paul, The Wailers*, Mutabaruka, Eek A Mouse, Michael Rose, Steel Pulse, Scarface and Rev. Horton Heat.
Many respected journalists have fallen under their (DUBTEX’s) spell as well as youth who are so enthralled; they may never buy into a W.A.C. product again.


Dubtex - "Live and Raw"

Set List

enough original music for 1hour and 30min.