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The best kept secret in music


""Are you a bad fish to?""

Thursday March 17 th California natives The Long Beach Short Bus came to the
Norva. They, along with Cali group One Draw, and local favorites Duburbia
and The Mobasstics put on a night of funky, rock, reggae. The Long Beach
Short Bus (featuring Eric Wilson formerly of Sublime and Long Beach Dub All
stars) kicked their east coast tour off here in Virginia to an enthusiastic
crowd. The band got great response for their new original songs as well as
some Sublime classics like Bad Fish. True to their roots; they stick mostly
to the punk/reggae formula, but you could hear a few softer, melodic moments
as well. Certainly it was the more traditional/familiar sound that got the
crowd going however, and the response was high.

Opening the show, The Mobasstics played to one of the largest crowds they
have ever preformed in front of. The five member local group hit the
audience with their odd ball antics and intense energy, winning over many
new fans. Even though the band did not exactly fit into the punk/reggae
scene their energy and stage persona proved effective to get the audience's
round of applause.

Next up was local dub favorites Duburbia, who clearly had the crowd from the
moment they hit the stage. Duburbia's Sublime influenced yet signature sound
was exactly what the crowd wanted to hear. Front man Big J and the boys have
a huge following, and proved once again to be the local power house to keep
an eye on. Many of their following were there at the show and help to make
it a huge success.

California group One Draw hit the stage after Duburbia and The Mobasstics
got everyone well lubricated. This band played mostly reggae classics like
Night Nurse, and was a nice third course before the main dish. One Draw is
joining The Short Bus on their east coast tour.

Finally The Short Bus came out and threw down the goods. Lead
singer/guitarist RAS-1 has a raw yet melodic voice that cuts threw the
groove nicely. Drummer, Damion plays with a lot of power and explosive
fills, but can sit on the beat all night. And lead guitarist Trey adds his
screaming melody over top of Eric's rock solid bass lines to form the Long
Beach sound. The group played a lot of new originals and showcased their
sound well, but it was old favorites like bad fish that got the crowd going

Over all it was a hell of a lot of fun for everyone on stage and off
(especially back stage). Thanks to a great crowd, two great local acts and
the California invasion of One Draw and The Long Beach Short Bus, Feb17th
kicked a whole lotta ass at the Norva.

-------------------------------------------- - Paul Quimby



Members of the surf/skate culture are stereotyped as some of the laziest, most unproductive people in modern society -- right up there with folks who make music for a living. There's some unwritten rule of misery that we're all supposed to be following, and when someone breaks it, the hard workers don't take it too kindly. But we are all essentially after the same thing -- a good time. Consider Duburbia, the reggae/rock outfit from the Norfolk area. While the rest of us make our way through life at a breakneck pace, they find their peace and tranquility in the rhythms of the islands and the searing bite of electric blues/funk. Like we wouldn't do the same if we could. The group's grooves are top-notch, and its show may be just the break you need from a week spent in the rat race.

- The Roanoke Times

"Live Show!!!"

Duburbia is an explosive, entertaining group. A definite must see!!!!!! - theundersound.com

"May 2006 Splash!!!!!"

Duburbia (May 2006)

You might have seen them some Wednesday at the Halfshell. You might have heard their name mispronounced on the radio. Or you might have seen them being kicked out of the Norva after one of their performances. However it happened, if youve run into the Virginia Beach based Reggae/Rock powerhouse called Duburbia, you are sure to remember the encounter. If you havent had the chance to witness a Duburbia show and love to party, its definitely something you should check out.

Duburbia has been rocking the local scene for over three years now. For nearly all of that time, they have called the Halfshell home for their weekly Wednesday night celebrations. This high-energy band has the club more filled on a weeknight than many clubs bring in on a Saturday night. Judging by the large quantity of very attractive and friendly females in the audience, theres a good reason why Wednesdays are called hump-day! These Reggae Rude Boys have played all the regular local venues, including at least five performances at the Norva Theater. Taking to the road, Duburbia has made it as far away as locations such as Kentucky and Pennsylvania. The bands beach loving attitude makes the Outer Banks of North Carolina a regular stop during the summertime. Plans to expand ever wider as the future unfolds are in the works.

Duburbias music is an eclectic mix mostly involving deep thumping reggae grooves and high-energy bursts of punk rock. However, within the music of Duburbia, many other influences will be found. Touches of 80s metal, melodic jazzy blues lines, and even a crack-rock-steady beat or two can be unearthed within their music. Lyrics play a large role in the music, and stories of life lessons and personal experiences hit you as you listen to their songs. This is not another manufactured pop sensation; Duburbia is an authentic, kick your ass rock band. Although mainly performing original tunes, Duburbia has been known to play songs from a wide range of bands they love, such as Phish, Bob Marley, Bad Religion, Sublime, Choking Victim, and Pepper. These music loving boys have been lucky enough to play shows with some of their musical heroes, such as H.R. of Bad Brains, Fishbone, the Misfits, Slightly Stoopid, and many more. Duburbias music has evolved with time, and the new record they are currently working on with Tim Roberts of Soul Haven music will showcase their wide range of style. This much-anticipated record should be ready for release in the Fall.

Duburbia shows are always full of excitement and entertainment. Not only will you hear some of the best reggae/rock available in music today, you are sure to see events that stray far from the norm of your regular local band performances. From the captivating diatribes of lead singer Jay between songs, to the rambunctious antics of the crowd, to the seductive dancing of beautiful women invading the stage, there is something to be noticed by all witnesses of a Duburbia show. It is a common occurrence to see Jay amongst the crowd singing songs to the masses. While exciting and entertaining, Duburbia does not take this too far. The antics never become overwhelming or take away from the music, and the band does not resort to cheesy gimmicks or kitsch, such as Jell-O wrestlers on stage or outlandish costuming. It is easy, however, to get swept up into the genuine extraordinary emotional whirlwind that is a Duburbia show. First time fans soon become regular faces in the crowd. The regular faces in the crowd soon become part of the Duburbia family, and the fans really become family in the eyes of the band. Duburbia loves its audience, and the music certainly reflects it.

Duburbia is one of the most promising bands to come out of this area in a long time. You can find pictures, songs, and even video of Duburbia at their web-site, www.duburbia.com and www.myspace.com/duburbia. Youd better catch Duburbia while they are still our local little secret!

- Splash


"The Situation" (LP) - 2004

"One More Brick For Babylon" (LP) - 2006

**The track "Gutter Trash" has received substantial airplay in and around the Hampton Roads area.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Duburbia is an unsigned indie band from the Virginia Beach / Norfolk area. From out of the surf /skate / snowboard / wake-board / skim etc. culture, arose the creative talents of five local musicians. Having played over 130 shows in 2004, the live performance has developed into a show not to be missed. Duburbia has shared the stage with many well know acts such as, Long Beach Short Bus, Slightly Stoopid, Fishbone, Bargain Music, The Phunk Junkeez, St. Dog (of Cotton Mouth Kings), Pimpadelic, One Draw, Sound of Urchin, Badfish and many others. In 2004 Duburbia was asked to headline the Bacardi main stage at the Rock n' Ride music festival at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. They were also invited back to play 5th street live in downtown Louisville. Some influences include: the Ruts, the Clash, the Specials, Bad Brains, Sublime, Fishbone and more recently Slightly Stoopid, Bargain Music, the Expendables, and many others. For a good vibe and atmosphere, come & check out the irie rhythms of duburbia.